Ukulele players - Larnaca?

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Hello. I saw Frank Skinner on BBC4 last week talking about George Formby and the ukulele. Apparently the ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to learn to play and has become the most popular musical instrument to learn in British schools. There are also amateur ukulele bands and clubs springing up and down the UK.I wondered, does anyone in Cyprus know how to play the ukulele, and if you do would you be interested in starting a new ukulele club here for beginners? This would be in the Larnaca area. We would need some help in teaching beginners how to start playing, but the whole thing would just be a bit of fun, nothing too heavy.

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artcyprus 1335614782

PS. I am thinking of a free club for fun, not a class people would pay for. It might meet one evening a week or something.

michaelharriss 1425214890

Hi, I am interested in learning to play the ukulele. I can strum abit on a guitar and Joe Brown says  the ukelele is easy to learn. So lets get together and do it. I live in Pyla. Mike

artcyprus 1425217219


I'm afraid the original post was almost three years ago and at that time I literally received no replies (despite also advertising in the Cyprus Mail about it) so I gave up on the idea. I do not work in Cyprus any more, being in London now, so it's not something I can be involved in now.

However, thank you for your interest. As I say, you are the only person who has ever responded!

All best

apepper 1476536204

I can play ukulele - if anyone's still interested! I'm in Limassol.

GP 1489045317

Hi, I've just moved to Limassol and have been lookIng online for a ukulele jam type thing to attended. This conversation in this forum is the closest I've come. So get in touch if anyone is still interested. 


apepper 1507031283

Hi GP, are you still interested in the ukulele? I've just returned to Limassol.

Jeff-Streets-920104 1516514172

I'm in the larnaca area and I play the uku for fun and still learning.

GP 1523978301

Hi, yes still interested. Don't check here that often, maybe better to call or text me 00357 96949475. I've just been playing for fun, still learning. Used to go to a uke jam in London, lots of fun. 

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