All help needed!! Family looking to move to Cyprus

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Hi there we are a family of 4.. Myself and my fiancé are 24 and we have 2 young daughters (5 and 1) we are looking to move to Cyprus as we fell in love with the country last year.. We are looking for information about where to start, best areas to live with children, schools, jobs etc for the British.. Thankyou in advance x


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Hello Charis,

Moving here to live, and I'm guessing at 24 years of age you'll be working too, isn't difficult but, and it's a big but, takes lots of planning and research.

First off. Cyprus isn't the UK with more sunshine. Yes there are a great deal of UK influences here but it's a different country and culture when you're here for 365 days as opposed to 14 days for a holiday. To get a true feel for the island it's always good to visit at different times of year.

Have you set yourself a date when you would like to move here?

Do you want to live in a town or village? 

What type of school would you like your children to attend? There are a good choice. At this stage your 6 year old will be a priority. Once here she's likely to soak up Greek, written and spoken, like a sponge and possibly faster than you and your fiance. 

What type of work will you be looking for? For you to get work I would say start to learn Greek too. Yes there are jobs available for non Greek speakers but you will be limiting your choice. 

You'll need to plan your budget carefully. Remember pay rates here are not on par with the UK. Yes many things are cheaper here but you'll be paying for healthcare and school fees.

If you could post your answers to the above questions I, and I'm sure other users too, will respond with some more information. In the meantime take a look at the 'How To' section on this site. It's on the menu bar above just to the right of the 'Discussions' button.

Hope this helps.




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