English/International Schools in Limassol

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Hi My consideration of English/International schools in Limassol for my son has come down to 2 schools: 1. Foley's, 2. Heritage. Would appreciate if anyone has experience both negative and positive to assist with a  decision  between these schools.   Thanks


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I would have no hestiataion at all in recommending Heritage.  I have one of my daughters aged 8 in Heritage. I also had an older boy go through the last 4 school years at Heritage. These were troubled years for him, changing countries , language of teaching, family circumstances etc. and they did a good Job with him. Dr Kouris is in my view and experience a a caring person who tries to help children with  problems. The Junior head, Mr Butcher, is also a in my view a first class proffesional and a good bloke into the bargain. 

Heritage is very well equipped. It apparently even leaves many of the better UK schools behind with the labs, smartboard technology, etc.  

I only know of Foley's by reputation, which is that it is very acadamically based. '  Heritage is still keen on Academic standards but  I get the impression it iss possibly more wholistic., so the Academic pressures might  not be so great:. That was better for my boy, and I think for my daugher too. 



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Hi Amanda Just wondering if you found more info to your question. I'm in the same boat with my 5 year old son. Need to decide for the coming year. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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