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Hello there,I was wondering if there is any need of English speaking places for kids that they moved with their families in Cyprus.I know there are several English Schools et but they are very expensive. Are there places 100% English speaking but to be equal priced like the Greek speaking kindergartens or play places?


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Hi George,

Personally I wouldn't want our children to go to a 100% English speaking kindergarten or play group here in Cyprus. Children are quick to learn and soon integrate with others. Expat children, regardless of their first language (eg: English) will easily pick up a second (Greek) We've found it's English speaking adults who are more reluctant to have a go.

That written. Where are you on the island? If you post your location I'm sure suggestions of suitable groups will be posted.


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hello johnners

I am in Ayia Varvara (nicosia) and work both nicosia and limassol.

socializing with english speaking kids would be great

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