excellent and affordable greek tutor - paphos area

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Hi all, just to let you know that I 've found a very good greek tutor. I know that many of you are thinking of having greek lessons in order to learn the local language. So I thought that I might help by letting you know. She is very good in her job and she uses very helpul materials. She is flexible with the hours and the cost for the lessons very sensible. If anyone interested her phone number is 99331702. Paphos area.

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Hi red, thanks for the information. I was looking for a Greek tutor that is flexible with hours. Actually I have contact her and I am starting next week.

If anyone interested to share Greek lessons please reply to this ad. It will be cheaper if we are two students in the same lessons.

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Her number now is 

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Hi there I found a very nice teacher and I like the fact that she is flexible with the methodology she uses. I asked her to teach me dialogues and every day scenarios instead than grammar. Her number in case you are looking for a teacher is 99008888.

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