My kids are lonely in Limassol

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Hello! we came few weeks ago from England, my daughters age 5 and 8, they went to greek school, and they feel really lonley, feel guilty, they don't have any english speaking friends, please help me, if you can reccomend any clubs activities where theycan meet other English kids,  IWe live in Limassol, Yermasogia next to Dasudi beach, we will be happy to meet, play have fun.  will appreciate any proposition regards Kate


dlong 1456420806

Give it time,we have 3 kids here, and they all speak Greek,Limassol is very Greek as opposed to Paphos where there are more Brits with small kids.

AndrewMoni 1456474847

Just let the kids play with other kids and you will be very surprised and amazed as to just how quickly they will pick up other languages when given the opportunity - far far faster than adults!!  OK - they may find writing and grammer just as hard to pick up but they will soon be happily speaking and chatting away in greek while you will still be struggling to say one sentence!!  Encorage them to communicate with others and they will.  Make them feel 'different' and they will respond negatively.

BrunoSilva 1456481443

Kate, why don't you give a visit to Limassol School of Arts?

They have a lot of activities and it's a good mix of kids.

johnners-660966 1456511720

Hello Kate,

You wrote you 'came a few weeks ago' For anyone, of any age, the change in lifestyle from England to here in Cyprus is huge. Do you remember, as a child yourself, when you moved from Junior to Primary school what a shock to the system that was? Never mind moving to another country at 5 and 8 years old.

As I've written many times on this site. Cyprus is not England with a lot of sunshine. You've moved to another country and a different culture. Your children will adapt and settle possibly quicker than you.  I agree with AndrewMoni. Let your children be children and they will soon overtake you in learning Greek and the way of life here.

In a few weeks when we have longer days of sunshine & daylight. Your children will be outside playing and meeting more and more people. I suspect these last few weeks worry will be soon forgotten.

Keep posting questions and your thoughts here and on other forums too. Hopefully it will help you.




AndrewMoni 1456577695

Just let me add to previous post that you must encourage them to play with children of all nsationalities and languages to get the most out of being here in Cyprus.  Do not just try and associate with english speaking children and parents.  The same applies to you yourself - do your best to learn some Greek - it will help you settle in more as well as being useful!!

kkatrin 1459112560

Thank you all

kkatrin 1459112563

Thank you all

Julieta-R-855229 1459885471

Hello Kate, I am contacting you because I spend my summers in Cyprus, because my husband is from there. In limassol actually.
We live in England.
Although that we feel lonely after a week of full excitement about the weather and the beach. The family continue with their own life's.
I have a son 5y and a Daughter 3y. They speak english, spanish and greek.
I dont have friends in Cyprus so this year I have just decided to change that and start to have more social life and my own social life with my children.

If you would like to meet us for a play date at the beach any day in August we are open to do it.

I hope this message is not too weird for you, it is for me!!! But I need to change my holidays there, for me and for the Children.

if you feel like its an opportunity to know more people please, contact me.


kkatrin 1459945153

Hello Julieta, thanks for your post, it would be nice to meet please drop me an email when you here, we are all the time on dasudi beach. See you

Olde Dog 1464390395

A few weeks is probably not long enough to make friends of any type, so don't beat yourself up...I came here 25 years ago and we immediately sent our 7 year old for Greek lessons (the 3 & 5 year old were too young), if you're going to send them to Greek schools I would recommend that you send them for lessons, due to her language problem my 7yo was put in a lower age class but after one year she was moved up into the correct age class, the younger ones picked up Greek in the villages. Take care how you do things as some people I knew sent their kids to English only schools, only mixed with English, and they grew up as foreigners in Cyprus, not really "getting" the culture and being somewhat isolated, it didn't help them in the long term. I sent my kids to local Cypriot schools but sent my daughter to the American Academy when she was 12, she hated it and went back to Cypriot school after one year, where she finished her education with exemplary grades. Luckily I grew up with friends with foreign parents in the UK so used their example on how to get my kids to succeed here. My "kids" can fully mix in both cultures, speaking Greek like a Cypriot and English like an English person (I only allowed English in the home), and all have fabulous jobs that send them around the world, 2 have Uni degrees which they took in English....I hope this helps you think things through for yours.

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