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quote:Are there any violin and piano teachers in Cyprus? I live in the UK and am coming to Cyprus in the next few months to live. I have two children. One does violin lessons and the other piano lessons. I just wanted to know if there are any violin and piano private tutors in Cyprus? And how much do they charge?


mr softy 1221160562

Hi Maria,

Which area of Cyprus are you moving to? My son has private drum lessons and they are so cheap compared to the UK.



alfoldi.noemi 1221251970

Hi, when do you arrive to Cyprus? And where?
And for how many months are you looking for music teacher?
When did your children start to study music?


Maria13 1221472823


I am moving to Cyprus in a few months. (Larnaca). My kids are 8 and 10 years old. My daughter who is 10 will be taking her Grade 1 exam in November. My son who is 8 has been having lessons since February 2007. He is studying the theory as well as playing the piano. Do you know of anyone that is a tutor for each? And what do they charge?


Maria13 1221676878

Does no one have piano and violin lessons so they can advise me?

Georgi-668474 1221758972

Hi there,

Where abouts will you be living in larnaca?

Both of my daughters are doing piano and are involved in the Odeon school of music which is countrywide. I could make enquiries for your location if you wish. This school of music is for all instruments, theory and vocal.

The lessons are reasonable compared to UK, and I am delighted with the methodology. Both of my girls passed with A's last year and it was only their first year. I have an 8 and 10 year old.

I am in the Dali area, which is 30 mins from Larnaca.

Let me know if you need any more info


alfoldi.noemi 1222022330

I can teach piano and music theory, but i am living in Nicosia.


fatty-671862 1222100099

Hi piano teacher Elena Makri my children are sitting yearly exams wonderful lady her telephone number is 99468692 email elenamakri@hotmail.com

Maria13 1222102473

Hi Georgi

Well we haven't bought a house yet but I want to enquiry before we move to find out if it is possible for the kids to carry on with their lessons/exams. We will definitely be moving to Larnaca, though.

Could you let me know how much a lesson costs, so I can work out my finances, please? Thanks.

What about violin lessons? Cost?

The Odean school of music sounds good. It's a countrywide organisation. Where is that in Larnaca?

In London piano lessons are £20 for 45 mins and £12 for half an hour.

Georgi-668474 1222253876

I'll let you know. We have a lesson next Tuesday, so give me a week and I'll get all the info about fees and examining board etc for both piano and violin.

Keep in touch, and don't hesitate to contact me directly for any info, I live on the outskirts of larnaca, so might have info you need to know!!!

Speak soon though


Maria13 1222254030

Hi Georgi

Thanks very much for your help. I await for your reply next week then.


Maria13 1222942308

Hi Georgi

Have you found out the fees and other details about the violin and piano lessons yet?

I would appreciate it if you could forward the details to me. Thanks

Georgi-668474 1222984350

Hi Maria,

Truly sorry, my daughter had a small accident on the swing this week and I was unable to take her to piano, so I missed the teacher. I promise that Tuesday I will find it all out for you.

I havent forgotten you, honestly. Thank goodness you wrote to me as I had lost your thread and couldnt find your personal email.

Speak soon


Maria13 1223463153

Hi Georgi

How are you?

I hope your daughter is better and she was able to attend this weeks piano or violin lesson. Please let me know when you find out.

Thanks millions

achilleas 1243836180

There is an excellent music teacher in Nicosia - it's only 20 minutes from Larnaca. We took our 2 boys there on recommendation from friends and are very happy with him.
Contact me for details if you want.

family_208 1455224800

Hello, do you still teach piano?

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