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    Hi We are wanting to move to Paphos in the next year we have 3 children aged 8,9 & 11. There is no possible way that private English schooling will be an option sue to fees. We are finding it very hard to find state school information on the Internet! Does anyone have any information on state schools in the paphos area? Any personal experiences?  Any information would be greatly appreciated   thanks  Lou ??    


EleniLimassol 1432641516

You need to go to Ministry of Education office. And register there, you will need school reports, passport, birth certificates  and address. It is easy enough. 


geoff2 1432673700

Think hard before you make the move. Anecdotal information, but graduates go on a list and may get a teaching post years down the line with no need to update themselves during this time. Promotion is through length of service rather than ability. Cyprus was recently amongst the bottom countries in an EEC table for exam results in key subjects. People use private schools to give their children a chance. The Troika have insisted on changes to the system but through 'blocking' by the Unions it may take a decade before teachers are appointed by merit. Then there is the question of what work will the children get when they leave school. But that is a whole different issue.


EleniLimassol 1432678183

My children went to a private school here for 11 years. And they where both badly let down ie no teachers, mixed classes not doing lesson's because of no teachers, plus bullying. So we made the decision to put my daughter into a local school, where she has flourished. The level of maths is much higher in local schools. And teachers could not believe she didn't know certain subjects. This is my experience. Greek isn't her first language and she has recieved extra help with this. My daughter is much happier now.

Loulou984 1432680614

Thank you for your responses. I get the impression there are very good local schools it's just going to be a case of finding them ????

charlie crozier 1432683148


We are thinking of moving to to the Paphos area, but we too are having problems finding the right school for are 3 kids, 9,6 and 27 months,all girls. private schools are far to dear so are looking at local ones, any ifo would be great, 

i see by the last post that your daughter seems to like the local schools better than the private, was the  being taught in the .Greek langauge not a problem in her  class room .




Loulou984 1432684805

Hi charlie


its nice to hear others in the same boat as Us ??

Have you managed to find work? 

Where are you based at the moment?


EleniLimassol 1432708905

They learn greek in private schools, luckily my daughter had a good Cypriot teacher at the primary school.  But she gets extra help from the school. And to be honest there are more British children in her current local school, as she was the only one at the private school. 

The ministry allocates the school where your child will go. So if you know the area you will be living you can hopefully get them a place there. You do need to show proof of your address. 

If anyone wants to PM me for any other info or experience  feel free.

For us it was the best thing to see your child happy and doing well at school. 

charlie crozier 1432728622

Hi Lou.

ya its good to get info from people that has alredy been there and done it.

No i haven looked for work yet as we are still in the planing stages, but i will be in the future.

i live in a town called Kilkeel in N.Ireland, its a fishing village.

where abts are you from and when are you planing to move and wat part of Cyprus are yous thinging of,


charlie crozier 1432729009

Hi Elenil.

thks for all your info it really helps. if its ok with you i will keep in touch and get more info off you as i get on with are planing. 

schools is are most important thing over all else, could you please send me the name of the school that you ended up sending you daughter to. if you dont know any greek will it be hard for my kids at the start to learn in the class room till they can understand the teacher or do they speak good english?



Loulou984 1432729170

Hi charlie


im in Kent we are planning to move this time next year hopefully we just need to get some money together first. We want to move to Paphos. My family are Cypriot and live in Nicosia however I do not want to rely on them hence asking all of these questions on here


where are you looking to move to in cyprus? 


charlie crozier 1432744287


We are thinking of Paphos or Limassol , not sure which yet. its at the early stages of planing and researching . 

will keep in touch to see how your getting on and if i get any info i will pass it on .



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Hi I see this is an

old post is anyone still on here?

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