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Hi, Does anyone know of an English speech therapist in the Limassol area. Many thanks


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Hi ,

Did you find any speech therapist? I am also looking for one. Can you please help me?
Thank you,

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I just found one speech therapist which is Cypriot but speaks English, Bulgarian and Greek language. Unfortunately he can not help me as I need one who speaks Romanian language. Maybe he can help you ( he also knows others). Please contact me on my e-mail.

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Call Daphne at the Orizondas Centre. She is fluent in Greek and English. 25336220.

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I'm looking for English native speaking speech therapist for my son. He is 10 and he has slight autistic characteristic and ADHD most probably. He needs somebody to help him in developing his language skills. English is his second language, but now it's the main language because of English school.

Thanks in advance!

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Note: I'm looking for specialist in Limassol.

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Hi Mika,

I can recommend you a very good speech therapist. She studied in New York and her name is Varvara Ntounta 99238613.
Otherwise you can send me your email address and I can send you a list from the Speech Therapy Association in Cyprus with the registered English speaking therapists in Limassol.

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Dear lauraf,

If you click on "e-mail mikastep" under my nickname you will use my e-mail address. Please send me the list from the Speech Therapy Association in Cyprus with the registered English speaking therapists in Limassol or the address of website where I can find this information. Now I'm going to try one speech therapist from autistic association, but she is cypriot studied also in USA and unfortunately she is not native speaking and the accent may sense in this situation.

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Hi Mika,

I know how I can send you an e-mail trough anglo info website. I would preferred to foward your mail received by me to you so you can see all the information. And this I can do it only if I know your e-mail address. Unfortunatelly there are not native English speaking speech therapist as I can see from their names. I can recommend you to try to look on the Silverline school webpage. They have some teachers specialized in autistic children and they also do some hours with the children. (and they are native English speakers)

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Good evening.

I am looking for a speech therapist for a first language Russian boy. Any suggestions please?



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