Summer Camps in Limassol

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I'm looking for the information about summer camps in Limassol area for children age 5-6 and 14. Thank you!


grace2u 1209370921

Not sure what you mean by "camp." If you mean a place where the kids go off for days or weeks, then, no, I don't think there is anything like that. If you mean something for the daytime, and then the kids go home each night, then, yes, there are lots of what they call "summer schools."

Heritage School is (I believe) the only English school that runs a summer school. I have known kids who went and enjoyed the program enough to return for a few summers in a row. (Because they wanted to, not because, for example, the mum worked and the kids absolutely had to go somewhere they'd be supervised :) There are also lots of summer schools for the Cypriot kids, but unless your kids talk, look, and act like Cypriots, I don't think they'd have a good time.


LuckyCharm-665391 1209398922

Thank you, Grace!
Where and how the English-speaking kids spend their summer then? (beside Heritage's summer school...:))

grace2u 1209404525

Well, I suppose it depends a lot on the age of the child and where they live, ie in a flat in the city or house in the village. A 5 or 6-year-old could go to a nursery school for June and July. Pretty much all schools close down for the month of August, the traditional holiday time. A 14-year-old would probably hang out with friends at the beach, at each other's homes, go to the water park as often as their parents could afford to let them, play on the playstation, rent DVDs, etc. It depends on how much money the parents have and the lifestyle they lead. Some kids hang around the house all summer; some kids' parents join clubs at hotels. Does the 14-year-old have any special interests?


LuckyCharm-665391 1209428474

The problem is that we are relocating to Limassol this summer. I thought I'd sign my 14 and 5 year olds to summer school so they won't feel lonely without their friends. As soon as the school year starts they will make friends at school for sure but in summer...

Well I think it's a good thing we rented a house with a pool. :))


lina-665984 1209982355

You can go to kidsworld in limassol for the whole summer. Not sure if the 14 year old would like it but the 6 year old will love it. They get top play make things , play games andhave their lunch there.

LuckyCharm-665391 1209999706

Thanks Lina!
Can I leave a child for a day or half day there?

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I live in Limassol I sent my 8 year old daugter over the last few summers one year to a Gym summer school where they do swimming, tennis, drama, etc and they visited the water park and much more but it's in greek. Last year I sent her to a kindergarden school where they did music, drawing, went swimming once a week etc she seemed to like it. Usually just before the summer all the advertisments come out in the news papers and leaflets through the doors. If your children only know english best to go to one of the english school summer schools. Which school are you children relocating to in limassol ?

Getting a house with a pool is ideal thats what I plan to do because we have a long summer ahead of us and I got so tired of stagering to the beach everyday in the heat and when you have a demanding 8 year old it can get to much. However, I would still send her to summer school for July so she will have some fun with other kids.

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There always used to be summer camps in Cyprus, as summer schools are been organizing the last 10 years. A lot of organisations also organize camps in Greece and America for the kids. I know for sure that the state schools have applications each year for these camps. Also the scouts have summer camps and if you work also and you belong to an organisation that protects employees rights they do also organize summer camps for your kids and they provide for your holidays cheap accommodation on their premises throughout Cyprus.

LuckyCharm-665391 1301588833

Thank you, Earthangel,
We sort this issue out but I hear you when you talked about driving every day to the beach. After living here for three years, I realize that driving here is something... summer or not :)

Dida-710244 1304513626

Hi ! Where exactly this summer Gym school,area ,adress or tel.number. tell me please.Thank you!

MaryD-691958 1304983462

You will also find that the Red Dragon Private School have a summer school for the first 6 weeks of the school holiday, so roughly from 27th June onwards. It is open to children who are not pupils at the school. Telephone: +357 25 341148

lseweb 1307357524

American Academy does summerschool you can contact them at: 25 382782

anelie 1335795910

Hi you can contact and visit
They are currently sending children to the UK where everything is more professional but they are getting ready to bring it to Cyprus also.

bchui 1459842853

Vedanta Yoga Centre - yoga summer camp for children 6-12 years old. Children learn yoga, meditation, breathing, Kung fu......etc. check it out : Tel 25001930

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