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Hi im looking for my sister samantha rogers or nightingale can anyone help me?

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like in the topic. maby somebody knows about prices and standart i hospitals in paphos? i dont have inssurence now so if anybody have informations about general hospital will be good.

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Hi everyone. Just to let you know I there is a small mums and tots group that has just started . It is in Kato Paphos behind KFC on tombs of the Kings Road.  It is run by a local church. Its only 2 euros for a 2 hour session on a Monday Morning. It starts at 10 am . My Grand daughter loves it. She has made a new friend and is socialising more. Its so relaxed. There is a bouncing castle and a ball pool. A lady from church comes in and does some craft work with the toddlers.

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Hi .. I am planning to move to Cyprus Next July , Is there is any Arabic school in the Greek Cyprus ? Primary education 

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I'm taking a complete stab in the dark but don't know where to ask this question. My nan moved to paphos almost 10 years ago. She is a Cypriot citizen. She has recently fallen unwell and we need to get her home. Unfortunately neither me or another family member had the room in our homes for a permanent fix. How do we get her back to uk and back to being a British citizen. Her passport is uonfor renewal and will have to have a Cypriot one aswell. Really need some advice. 

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Anybody have baby clothes to give away please let me know 99070395

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Hello everyoneWe are moving to Limassol at the end of the month. It is a last minute change of plan/life and a hard decision to take but we decided we didnt want to split the family for a whole school year so we are all following my husband.we have a 6yo girl and 4yo twin boys. We have no schools or them yet, we don't even know where to start. They all speak 3 languages fluently. We have a preference for public schools as it is an immediate immersion into the language and the culture and we believe children have the potential to adapt very quickly. But we also know that all schools are not comparable and some offer certainly more than others. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of time to check on each and every one of them and i need to reduce my list of options to a few schools for next monday where hubby will take a trip to check and register them.The only public school I could read about a bit on forums is the Christakio,  do you know anything about it?Can anyone recommend any other public school?we can technically live anywhere in Limassol so I will chose the apartment depending on the school areaPrivate schools are way out of budget with 3 kids but on a forum someone was saying St Mary is affordable but most probably no place. Do anyone know anything about Lebanese green hill ? Do you have any suggestions about any affordable private school in Limassol (french or English)?I am sorry for the message, I am in panic mode because of the little time leftlooking forward for some replies

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Hey, Does anybody know any native German speaker who would be interested (and qualified) to give German lessons in Limassol twice a week. 

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Hi. Does anybody know how much the fees are for St. Mary's primary school in Limassol (for non-Catholics)? My 2 kids go to Foleys but I don't think we can afford it any more so we are considering St Mary's as we've heard very good comments about it. 

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We are moving to Cyprus on the 22/8 and have just enrolled our daughters (aged 10 & 9) at Pascal Larnaca as they had a position for both girls with the opening of their new junior school. We are from Sydney Australia. Any tips on a smooth transition and could someone tell me if Pascal is a nurturing school as this is our prime criteria for our girls? Thank you 

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I am English lady  lived in Limassol for 2 years job ended. I am looking for work now with English family either for care of children or help with their  elderly parent and housekeeping/general cleanliness of house for them. live out role in the limassol potamos or nearby  Germasoyia . Day job 9 to 6  mon to friday .or part time pref full but would consider... .hr 6 euros .Thank you 

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Nanny for two girls (2 and 4 years old) in Limassol. Preferably living with the family in the house. Standard nanny's duties.

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Can anyone suggest entertainment in the Paphos area for 6 and 8 year old boys whilst it is too chilly in the pool, please?

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My boy is 4 years old and he has been going to an international kindergarten. He speaks mainly English and a bit of Romanian. My thought was I will take him to an English school later. Now that we had a second child I'm afraid I will not be able to afford private school for both. I was thinking about gov school but I'm really concerned because neither me or my wife speak Greek and we will not be able to help. Anyone in a similar situation?

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Hi all. As a working mum in Paphos it's that time of the year to start wondering what I'm going to do with my kids over the summer period. I recently came across a new summer school in Paphos that offers a mixture of fun and education. They have been so lovely and my kids can't wait to start. If anyone is interested. The Paphos summer school starts 26th June and goes for 5 weeks. 3 English speaking teachers are running it. My daughter can't wait to go Fossil hunting!! One of the many things they will be doing.  Call them on 96082616. Happy holidays everyone :)

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Hi everyone,My wife is an Italian University student, looking for a babysitting job,Should anyone have any friends of family members that are looking for help with their new baby, please let us know :)

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Hello everyone. I need help. We living in Paphos. And my son want to study French. And you probably all know that at school it is only English and Greek. Does anyone one know where can we find French lessons. Or a qualified teacher to teach my 12 years old.Thanks to all in advance 

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The school is holding a presentation at kanika pantheon Hotel 19.30 tonight

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Does anyone know if and how adoption is possible in Cyprus???So far Ive found details of the Social Welfare Services' 'Adoption Authority'... but no info on adopting or of any agencies or orphanges,,, but Im guessing there must be some!?

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