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Hello All,I know this has been discussed many times, but most posts I found were very old,I'm trying to figure out which high school would be best for my kids: AA, Pascal or Med.My kids aren't the most academic and I'm looking for a school that will give them good social life, support in their studies (they all have ADHD) and a good atmosphere. From what I could gather - AA and Pascal are very academic driven, but is Med that bad? Would love to hear from parents whose kids go to that school... Many thanks in advance :-)

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Hello everyone. My question is which school do you think is better?Heritage or Foley's? I know there are similar topics her but most of them are very old and cosnidering the fact that  Foley's school is about to move to their new premises I wanted to hear more updated comments. If anyone has personal epxerience at either school i'd be glad to hear it. Thank you in advance.

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It seems all summer schools close in the first week of August and schools don't start until the first of September.  If you work, where do you send your kids between August and September?

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Hello! we came few weeks ago from England, my daughters age 5 and 8, they went to greek school, and they feel really lonley, feel guilty, they don't have any english speaking friends, please help me, if you can reccomend any clubs activities where theycan meet other English kids,  IWe live in Limassol, Yermasogia next to Dasudi beach, we will be happy to meet, play have fun.  will appreciate any proposition regards Kate

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Hi, Does anyone know of an English speech therapist in the Limassol area. Many thanks

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HiWe have a small daughter 4 years old. We live in Limassol and would like to choose a school  for her? Pls help us to know should we put her in English school or Greek speaking school? We plan to stay here long term and our incomes are just on average. Any information and details will be good for us.Thanks

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Hi, I am looking for information about schools in Nicosia - both Primary and Secondary. I have looked at some of the websites, but personal experiences usually tell the real story.  Thanks

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I'm looking for the information about summer camps in Limassol area for children age 5-6 and 14. Thank you!

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Looking for some current feedback on Foleys and Heritage International schools in Limassol preferably by someone who has a child enrolled at either. I would like to get a feel for the reputation, standards and culture at both schools to see which best fits my 6 year old child. Thank you

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little climb slide little tykes 40 euuro

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Hi My consideration of English/International schools in Limassol for my son has come down to 2 schools: 1. Foley's, 2. Heritage. Would appreciate if anyone has experience both negative and positive to assist with a  decision  between these schools.   Thanks

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Hello everyone,  I am looking for an English speaking child minder for my 3,5 months old son. Preferably someone with a previous nursery/childcare experience. Part-time or full time upon discussion. We live in Kisonerga area, Paphos. If interested please send an e-mail to earinsh@mail.ru or give me a call at 96724480.  Elena

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quote:Are there any violin and piano teachers in Cyprus? I live in the UK and am coming to Cyprus in the next few months to live. I have two children. One does violin lessons and the other piano lessons. I just wanted to know if there are any violin and piano private tutors in Cyprus? And how much do they charge?

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Hello everyone,  i searched abt some basic information/ discussion about the private English schools in Limassol.... But it came out with v old dates like of 2007-9. so, as its 2016! I want to know abt the schools with go environment, academic, fee (????), accommodative for kids n etc.  Im thinking abt english schools but confused ! The main concern is the sky high fees! plz share ur experienc/s, .... Love to hear! It will b informative for other persons too! thanx 

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Hi! Can anyone reccomend good DJ for kid's birthday party in Limassol, age of kids around 7 years old and more. Party will be middle March. thanks Magdalena

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Does anybody knows if there is a german speaking kindergarten in limassol? Thanks.

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Hi there, We are looking for a small hall/area indoors that we can hold our daughters 4th birthday. We dont want one of these soft play areas as we will be hiring a clown/magician. Nothing too big nor expensive. Will be for a few hours for about 20 to 30 kids (approx). Limassol Thanks    

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Hi does anyone know when in Jan does the cyprus child benefit get paid??

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Hi All, My 5 year old daughter will be starting Cypriot Public School next week (they grow so fast!). I am worried that she will fall behind in English if she is not studying this as well. You never know what the future holds and we may end up going back to the UK. Does anyone know if there are any Private English teachers in the Limassol area? I would prefer one to one tuition. Ideally I do not want her to be taught English as a second language but to follow the English primary school curriculum. Thanks in advance. Rio  

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Am trying to track down my aunt - Kate Cottam - who retired to Limassol in 1991 - and I believe who worked as a Macmillan nurse.  Can anyone kindly forward a message to her? Thank you.

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