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Help, can someone send me a typical shopping list for a 1st grader , im thinking 5 t shirts , 4 skirts , black shoes, greek school, do we have to buy books , somebody help yikes

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Does anyone know of an English care/nursing home in the Larnaca area where I can put my father for 10 days while I go to the UK.  Thank you.

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Hi, Would anyone know if manicure/pedicure parties are available in and around Limassol area for kids? Many Thanks

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I am just seeing if anyone has any nursery recomendations in Limassol.  I am looking for nurseries that will take babies from 4 months upwards.   look forward to hearing from you :)     

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Looking for a ballet school in Limassol with an English speaking teacher! Any suggestions? Thanks!!!

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Hello, if anyone can recommend me to sent a parcel to , inverness , scotland uk with the cheapest postal service. The parcel weight is 2.5 kg!  Thanx in advance!

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Hi, I would love to hear personal experiences with St. Mary's School in Limassol, either from people who went there themselves or whose kids are attending school there. I visited the school and my first impression is good, however it would be good to hear the opinion of other people. I am also considering Pascal and American Academy, however the tuition fees at St. Mary's are considerably cheaper. I have heard though that St. Mary's is very strict and doesn't leave any room for the child's personal development. Although I do think that discipline is important, my child's happiness is just as important, so any views are welcome. Thanks!

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hello everyone, we are thinking of moving from the uk to peyia pafos in march we have 2 children a 4 year old and a 8 month old but are worried about how the move may affect the children in the long run are they likely to get the same standard of education as they would in the uk as we would be looking at putting them through state school do they have english speaking teachers in state schools in pafos. and is the medical service as good as in the uk our 8 month old will be due to have injections soon after our arrival is this going to be easy to arrange in pafos and do the doctors speak english and lastly i hear employment is very difficult to secure in pafos but is this really true if so how do people manage to live without work (income) dont get me wrong we are not coming to cyprus with no savings and an expectation of making millions there as we know the average wage is very low we just rather not come to cyprus if there is very little chance of work because the savings will eventually run out and that would mean a return to the uk half way through the kids education which would in no doubt cause disruption to their progress in school any advice and comments on own experience would be a great help thanks in advance

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Hi, I hope someone here will know about the Greek Orthodox process for christenings in Cyprus. We live abroad, I am Greek Orthodox (but not very religious as I would have obviously known the answer to my question) and want to baptize our daughter next year in Cyprus. We have relatives there and the  chosen godparent lives there so its more convenient to have the ceremony in Cyprus. As I am familiar quite well with Cyprus I know already which church and venue to have the lunch afterwards. But my question is whether the church will allow the chosen godparents to organize the actual christening on our behalf or must the actual parents of the child have to do this in person directly with the priest? I am hoping the church will be a little lenient towards us as we do not live in Cyprus (but I am Cypriot by nationality) and do not have to fly out prior just to speak with them directly.

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I just found out that I'm pregnant and I need to find a doctor and a place to deliver. I've been to Dr. Midas and he seems ok but then I called another doctor and it turns out that Dr. Midas' prices are much higher! I don't necessarily want to go to the cheapest place, but I also want to be sure that I'm getting good value.The other doc I called (Kerimis) delivers at Polyclinic, Limassol. I've never been there. Can someone who had their baby there give impressions of the Polyclinic? Where do you park your car? How much does it cost? How was your room? How were the nurses (I found out with my first child that the nurses are soooooo important!)? Is it possible for me to go to the Polyclinic and have them show me around?

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Hi We are wanting to move to Paphos in the next year we have 3 children aged 8,9 & 11. There is no possible way that private English schooling will be an option sue to fees. We are finding it very hard to find state school information on the Internet! Does anyone have any information on state schools in the paphos area? Any personal experiences?  Any information would be greatly appreciated   thanks  Lou ??  

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Hello ! Does anybody knows of any Mother and Toddler groups in Nicosia? Also do they have classes in the afternoons or Saturdays? Thank you Ksenia

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We are a Russian family living in Limassol, Cyprus for the last 13 years. All our kids attend Heritage School. I have three kids: 4-year old boy (Pre-K), 6-year old girl (1st grade) and 14-year old girl (9th grade). I am looking for a private tutor, a native english speaker, who will assist and control the completion of all of their homework and talk to us about the needs of our kids academically if they are behind in certain areas of their study. We are looking for someone to work approximately 5 hours a day, Monday to Saturday (from around 4pm-9pm, though hours are negotiable) I have been trying to find a suitable candidate for quite some time but not sure where to look. May be you know someone or know of websites where I could find a good tutor? I would appreciate any advice. Kind Regards, Natalia

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We think it’s time to meet and to see how we can make the life of our children easier, more comfortable and fun.We will have the opportunity to meet each other, to discuss education, additional lessons, places to go, etc. We plan our first meeting after the holidays, April, 20,2015. The meeting will be in at the end of Makarios avenue (here http://www.baptistslimassol.com/). This is not a religious meeting, The church has kindly offered us a place to meet, where there is also an additional big room for children to play, if some of the parents want to come but don’t have anybody to leave the kids with. Please write here or to me personally if you wish to come this time or to the next meeting. Pls. write also do you prefer morning (10 am) or everning (6pm) on the 20th of April.Regards,Tolkachev lev lev.l.tolkachev@gmail.com                         096 527 606

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I was wondering if people could answer a gereral question I have been wondering about. What do kids who go to English language schools do after they leave school (especially if they do not speak Greek and do not want or are not able to study abroad)? I am just thinking that it must be difficult to find work there if you don't speak/write Greek, and not all 17 year olds want /are able to go abroad on their own to study.  

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 Hi there anyone know where we can get these from?

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Hello   Can i claim any of the UK child/mother benefits  if i am staying permanently in Cyprus??   Thanks

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Does anyone know where I can buy the above in Limassol please

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Looking for a tutor in Limassol (Papas area) familiar with The Heritage school programme in English, Maths and Science  to help a 11-year-old boy with homework. For further details please contact me at: inesterova@bk.ru Thank you

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Hi, We are moving out to Cyprus (Pissouri).. would anyone know if it is possible to study A levels and where? Thanks

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