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Hi! I am the Mama of a 14 month old, and I am now able to start babysitting again. I am located in Limassol. I am bi-lingual - Russian & English. If you are interested, please do send me a message - 96611449.

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 Are there any government facilities for teaching autistic children in Larnaca?

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Hi I have two boys, one with dyslexia who is 7 and my other child is 10 who is quite a bright child who is very competive. We are thinking about moving to Paphos but the most important thing for me is to get their schooling right. They currently go to a very good private school which meets both their needs and was wondering if anybody could recommend good schools in Paphos. I have been to see the new Aspire school which I was quite impressed with, very different to their current school but had a nice feel. thanks in advance. Jo

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Hi Everyone, I'm just wondering if there are any of you out there that home-school your children here in Cyprus, or if you know anyone that does? It's something that I've considered many times, but don't have enough information on it. Ideally, I would like to home-school a group of children along with my own two, therefore providing some social aspect as well. I would organise trips to coincide with what we are learning, do a lot of hands-on learning with experiments, nature walks etc. etc. If there's someone out there that's already doing this, then I would love my kids to join them. If not, then I'm considering doing it myself. I am extremely frustrated with the fact that we send our children to so-called "private" schools, pay our hard-earned money, just so that our kids can essentially go to a school where English is spoken. Really, isn't that what we're paying for? For our kids to go to an English-speaking school? Anyway, I didn't want to write this to be controversial in any way, I'm genuinely interested in finding out more about home-schooling in Cyprus, and if anyone would be interested in sending their child to such a group.

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does anyone have scouting experience who would be interested in establishing an english speaking scout group ? I know that there is a brownie/guide troupe in Paphos but as far as I am aware there is no Scout group. I only have experience of guiding but have 2 boys so would like to set up a local scout group. Please contact me if you would be interested in helping me or if you have children who would be interested in joining an english speaking group. Best wishes jane

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Can anyone recommend an after school club/group in limassol for my 6 year old son?

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hi  i am looking for activities for may 3.5 years old doughter. she loves dancing,swimming,music and we need friends.  any recomandation for swimming lesson? we checked sporting center today. any feedback? what about ballet class?  do anyone knows about music groups like kindermusic ? we leave near St nikolas church and prefer somewher near.

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  ]hello ! Does anyone know about this kindergarten and what priceses tehy do ? Can you recomend any other kindergarden in Paphos town please !  thank you all

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Is anyone interested in getting their children invovled in learning to sew? Classes in Nicosia are about to start so if you know of any budding fashion designers then maybe they could start by learning how to use a sewing machine?

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one that accepts under 2s .  Any recommendations are much appreciated :) 

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Hello,I am looking for an English speaking nursery for an 11month old baby in Limassol. Any advices? Thanks

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Hi to all you mummy's there is a lovely moms and toddlers group  at the Latin and Parish Church hall  Paphos  twice a week if anyone interested Its not just for our little angels mummy's make friends to

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Hi I'm looking for programs or groups  (Limassol, Episkopi area)  with my 6 month old son. Thanx 

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Who could help me to find my former collegue Rodger Leather, they lived in Letymbou  and I would like to talk to them. My name is Ursula and hopefully they still got my mobile number.  

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Dear All! Next year we are going to Cyprus. I have 8 and 12 years kids. We have house in Chloraka. Last year I was sure about ISOP, but several days ago I found info that Aspire school is moving to new location http://infopaphos.blogspot.com/2014/04/new-location-of-aspire-school.html I need your opinion about this school. How many students in class? Mostly Russians, Cypriots or UK? Who ate the teachers? ISOP has a lot of cypriot teacher, of course, they have UK education, but my son was shocked by their English. Thanks.

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Hi there mummy , if you want to meet, walk and talk.. Please don't hesitate to contact me :-) I have a 5 month old baby and it would be very nice to meet with other mums and babies :-)

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Does anyone know of any exercise classes for pregnant women in limassol?

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looking to buy a christening/birth certificate scroll in limassol. silver or silver plated. anyone know where to buy from. thanks

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Hi there! Bit of a random question... does anyone know where I'd be able to purchase a Silver Cross pushchair out here in Cyprus (preferably Silver Cross Surf 2)? I'm willing to travel anywhere on the island as I have my heart set on it. We've tried New Baby City, CXC, Mothercare, Mamatoto and a few more shops I forget the name of! Any help appreciated :) Thank you.

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Hello  Ladies and Gentlemen,   anybody who needs Child Psychologist and Therapist , English and Russian speaking Nursery and Music Teacher or Baby sitter for part time, please write me to my email  iskraborisova2011@gmail.com. Also I am children,s psychologist. I  work legally in Cyprus, with own transport. I have worked in schools and kindergartens and  in home settings I am currently looking for employments on a one to one basis at the home or within the school setting. If anyone is loooking for a psychotherapist or has any information  please contact me at Iskra iskraborisova2011@gmail.com  and I can forward you my references and CV.    Many Thanks, Iskra  Borisov; Psychology Bsc, Psychosocial GradCert, Associate Psychology Therapist ,Nursery and Early Child care and Music teacher     All the best, Isra Borisov  email iskraborisova2011@gmail.com, skype iskra_borisova

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