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Me and my family are due to move to Cyprus in April. We have made appointments with the following schools : American Academy (Larnaca) Highgate School & The Junior School both in Nicosia Does anyone have any first hand experiences good or bad about any of them. Hope you can help JonCheersJB

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hi All, could you recommend a good dentist in the larnaca area for my 7 year old ? thanks Tony. Tony.

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Has anyone heard that a new American is gonna be built on the outskirts of Paphos? Close to the airport.

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Can anybody advise me where i can get passport photographs done for my 3 month old baby. Im in the Larnaca area. Thanks Anne

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Does anyone know exactly what kind of baby stroller is allowed onto an airplane. I have been told by B.A. that it has to be the size of a carry-on, but i cannot find a stroller with the height of 56 cm. (its totally unheard of!) Does anyone have experience bringing a stroller onto a BA place...I don't want to check one in. Thanks infokath

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Does anyone out there have an umbrella stroller? The small easy type that can be folded up like an umbrella--especially handy for travelling? infokath

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hi, my 2 1/2 yr old has started at the local private nursery and there seems to be at least 25 kids to each member of staff. The manager says they have guidelines from the ministry saying 20 kids to 1 staff but the international school kindergarten says the rules are 13 to 1. Either way it doesn't seem to matter what age they are and is much larger than the uk. Does anyone know what it should be? Thanks

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Hi everyone, I am looking for some help to find a drama school on the island, preferably Paphos, for my kids who are 9 and 6. We are planning to move out early next year but we are wavering because our 9 year old daughter is a very talented and promising actress and we need to find somewhere for her to be able to continue doing what she does until she is old enough to be able to make her own choices. Any information anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m 17 weeks pregnant, my first pregnancy and the Cypriot pregnancy care seems to leave you on your lonesome. I’ve got a Gynaecologist at the Arch Bishop Makarios 3rd hospital in Nicosia but no one seems to answer any question directly. I’m not due for my 5 month scan until the 26th June, well a little over 5 months and my next check up is just after that. Every time I ask about a Mid wife that you get assigned too, they look at me blankly, not to mention I have had to find out a majority of pregnancy things myself, as the med care here really is bad (compared to the UK). How does the mid wife thing work? Is there a place in Nicosia that will advice you accordingly, rather than telling you the simple facts and brushing you off? I ask, because the male Gyn I see, his English is very limited and the female one just doesn’t tell you anything in full. Sorry to sound like I am moaning; just want to be sure of everything. Thank you xx

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Hi, i am looking for a double buggy, need a.s.a.p as i have a 2 moth old, 1 year old and 2 year old, so pretty impossible to get out on my own. thanks Gem p.s. also could do with buggy board aswell.............lol

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Hi I am thinking of immigrating to Cyprus with my wife and two children who are aged five and one.I have been offered a job in Limmasol.I am concerned with finding my child who is five a school to go to.Please could you tell me if all the English schools are private and would I have to pay,Or could my daughter go to a Greek school that speaks English.Malcolm Dimbleby

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Have been holidaying in Cyprus for many years and have finally taken the plunge and bought an apartment in Peyia with a view to moving over permanently. Can't face many more of the British winters! We are coming over in April for a week and again for a few weeks over the summer to check out our career/business prospects but one thing hindering any thoughts of moving is our 10 year old son who is dead set against leaving his friends behind. He is a very active boy interested in football, skateboarding, running, golf, fishing etc and I'm sure he'd settle fine but I thought if could find out about any clubs that he could go to whilst over on holiday and make new friends he wouldn't be so set against the move. Any advice on any activities that may suit him in the Paphos area would be greatly appreciated.Tracy

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We will be moving to Cyprus in 6 months and wonder if anyone has any infomation about schools in the Paphos area.My children are 15 and 12 with the eldest doing her gcse next year.How many ?,free or fee paying?,curriculem?Any advise or recommendations or even web sites would help.

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we are hoping to move to cyprus next year and last week visited Foleys school .and one in Nicosia really surprised at the lack of grounds for sports on their premises! we only managed to see those 2 does anyone recommend any other school in Limossol?lisa

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Oh my gawd!!!! I have read and re-read the various posts regarding life and living in cyprus. I must comment on the extreme differences in the details. If you move over and start your own business you seem to do alright -but what are you all starting your own business's at!!!!! Anyone who comes over extpecting work to earn their living tend to be disappointed unless they are a professional. The crux of our questions, which i would like answered honestly, are schooling for our children, aged 4 and 5, i think it would have to be english private schools, therefore what are the fees? My husband is currently a sales rep for coca cola and i am a book keeper for an independant builder/developer and also a registered (NI) childminder. What real financial prospects does this offer considering private education costs etc. As this is an open and honest forum, I would be greatful for someone to relinquish their patriatism and tell me, is there a distinction by locals between English and Irish ( as being Irish we generally don't get a great press) Many thanks in anticipation Angela & Neal

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Hi does anyone have any experience of the local schools in the Paphos areas please? either good or bad?:)

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Hi Does anyone know what the school fees are for the International School in Paphos. The website is under review so there is no details!. Thanks Ange

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Can anyone tell me the next nearest english private school to Paphos other than the Amaerican Academy and ISOP please?:)

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Good morning, I would appreciate any recommendations for an English/Greek nursery school in the TOTK Road area in Paphos. Thank you in advance, DC

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Can anyone help with the above, I am looking for my 8 month old daughter. I need to return to work but as yet have only found Greek ones, and because we are English I would prefer her to attend an English nursery etc.... Please can anyone help URGENTLY We live in the Limassol area of Cyprus, but would be prepared to drive a small distance if it was beneficial.H

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