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we are hoping to move to cyprus next year and last week visited Foleys school .and one in Nicosia really surprised at the lack of grounds for sports on their premises! we only managed to see those 2 does anyone recommend any other school in Limossol?lisa

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Oh my gawd!!!! I have read and re-read the various posts regarding life and living in cyprus. I must comment on the extreme differences in the details. If you move over and start your own business you seem to do alright -but what are you all starting your own business's at!!!!! Anyone who comes over extpecting work to earn their living tend to be disappointed unless they are a professional. The crux of our questions, which i would like answered honestly, are schooling for our children, aged 4 and 5, i think it would have to be english private schools, therefore what are the fees? My husband is currently a sales rep for coca cola and i am a book keeper for an independant builder/developer and also a registered (NI) childminder. What real financial prospects does this offer considering private education costs etc. As this is an open and honest forum, I would be greatful for someone to relinquish their patriatism and tell me, is there a distinction by locals between English and Irish ( as being Irish we generally don't get a great press) Many thanks in anticipation Angela & Neal

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Hi does anyone have any experience of the local schools in the Paphos areas please? either good or bad?:)

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Hi Does anyone know what the school fees are for the International School in Paphos. The website is under review so there is no details!. Thanks Ange

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Can anyone tell me the next nearest english private school to Paphos other than the Amaerican Academy and ISOP please?:)

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Good morning, I would appreciate any recommendations for an English/Greek nursery school in the TOTK Road area in Paphos. Thank you in advance, DC

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Can anyone help with the above, I am looking for my 8 month old daughter. I need to return to work but as yet have only found Greek ones, and because we are English I would prefer her to attend an English nursery etc.... Please can anyone help URGENTLY We live in the Limassol area of Cyprus, but would be prepared to drive a small distance if it was beneficial.H

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Hi, Can anyone tell me what the fees are for the american academy Limassol, as all I could find are the fees for the children that may want to board. many thanks rabbits

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My youngest son , 11 months spent two days in hospital in Paphos last week . On leaving we were presented with a bill for 157 CYP . I live and work in Cprus . Can i claim this money back ? I did fill in some forms before leaving the UK but apparently they mean little here. Many thanks Keith

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Does anyone know what the International School in Paphos is like?. Also I cant find there website as the one listed on this site doesnt seem to work!. Cheers, Ange

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Can anybody help with advice, details. about state schools in or around kiti for an 8 and 11 year old as we intend to move to Kiti. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Can anyone help please we have moved to Peyia in the last week having sorted most things before we left the UK including a place for our 6 year old son at the ISOP or so we thought! He had his assessment last friday and we have been told that he will not be accepted. He was not at the top of his Year 2 class in the UK but not at the bottom either and we are completely at a loss now as the american academy have no spaces in either yr 2 or yr 1 either! We were/are reluctant to send him to a local school as we really dont think he will be able to mix does anyone have any experience or advice please ? :)

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I want to relocate to the Protaras / Paralimni area, have boy 10, girl 5. Son has mild Aspergers so have to choose school carefully. Am half greek and have looked at Xenion in Paralimni, but does anyone know how i would find out about support teachers in Cyprus? Many thanks, Tania.tania

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hi we are moving to cyprus in march 2008.and does any body know how easy it would be to get a job as a holiday rep(i have travel experience),and how much aprox would this job pay,also can rented accom easily be rented,prior to the move.(from the uk).our daughter needs to go to primary school, would she be a able to start straight away or will it take time to enrol,and would she be okay in a cypriot school as she knows no greek (yet).were looking for a town around larnaca near the sea near the town and on the cheaper side of 80k cyp.any information would be greatly appreciated in all aspects of relocation.......thanks

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Dear Friends, I have a guestion... Me and my familly will move to Cyprus and I'd like to know something about school, is there any polish school ?! Or only english...?? !

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My Rotary Club, Limassol Berengaria Cosmopolitan, is holding its annual School Speaking Competition at the Pattichio Muncipal Theatre in Limassol. The competition is taking place on the 18th March, starting at 4:00pm. As well as the School Speaking Competition, our projects this year include: Riding for the Disabled, Practical Compassion for Destitute Children in Palestine, The Smile Foundation (a charity provides free operations and treatment for children with facial disfigurement). Entrance is FREE - so please come along and give us your support. http://www.cypruspropertybuyers.com/spc2007.jpg Look forward to seeing you there,Nigel (aka EPHMH)

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Hi Does anyone know of any gym clubs for children in Larnaca? Thanks

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Hello, we are moving to aradippou in march this year and need to know if anyone has any information about elementary schools in that village.

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hi all , can anyone give me an idea of annual school fees for the American academy paphos , my children who are hoping to attend are 12 & 11 many thanks ... Mel

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Does anybody have any experience with the assessment tests at the ISOP ? I am really concerned and wonder what happens if my son fails? Who will take him? I really dont think he will get on in a cypriot school until he can understand the language!:)

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