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My yellow card has been canceled due to the fact that a few months after my divorce with no European citizen in Cyprus the emmigratin office suspects that our marriage was inefficient. I received a  letter it says that I have to leave Cyprus, but really, could be extradited even though I am a European citizen?Can anybody recommend me a good lawyer in Paphos, who have experience in this cross-checked to appeal that decision to the court.   Thank you!!!

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Hi, don't know if anyone can help, but I have been told that I might be entitled to a 50% refund on my property transfer tax, if I paid the full amount after 2011.  Cheers John

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Anyone know how you can trace progress of probate in Cyprus.

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Is there anywhere I can download the forms for self employment in English? Tia

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When will the on line 2017 tax form available?

started by: Wally-Oppenheim-908160 · last update: 1521760748 · posted: 1520501239

I understand that the government wants everyone to pay their Income Tax online. Very commendable. But I have encountered 2 problems when trying to set up my account with them. (1) they ask for a 12 digit Reference number. But none of my tax returns or receipts has 12 numbers. (2) they ask if I am employed or self-employed- but I am neither, being retired and paying the special 5% rate. Any suggestions how to get round these?

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I am currently in UK but was seriously thinking of buying a 2 bed apartment in Cyprus in 2018 or 2019.However I have heard rumours of a 15% tax on the sale of all property.    Is there any truth to this ?  And if so when does it / did it come in ?Currently I would pay about 3% tax in purchasing a €100,000 euro apartment.   If 15% is imposed it will kill any chances of buying - unless I carry on working and saving for at least 18 months - and by then UK citizens will no longer be EU citizens - with all the added repercussions regarding immigration regulations.  No doubt after Brexit in March 2019 it will be much tougher for Brits to relocate to anywhere in the E.U.Is there any truth to this 15% property tax ??

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 Having had a number of bad experiences with lawyers in Cyprus, we have finally found a trustworthy, competent and honest lawyer based in Limassol. Her name is  Ianthi kaminara ianthi@kaminaralaw.com  Ianthi has done a brilliant job for us and  we would highly recommend her. 

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Looking for a permanent position as either a head chef executive chef , chef manager kitchen manager or catering manager, where would be be best to start the search ? My husband will be more settled if he can secure work prior to arriving it will be easier to move asap as well.thank you Carol & Jeff

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I am Asian married to a Brit and holder of the "yellow slip" paper (residency permit) in Cyprus which runs out in 2019.  We have relocated to the UK and would visit Cyprus during the school holidays.  I want to know if I will be allowed to use this for re-entry to Cyprus if I do not go for a visit for a year or two.  I can not find any information on this and I do not want to go to consult a lawyer who will charge me 300EUR.  Thanks for any info on this.

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hello,I have a mortgage with Alpha bank. in the past i tried to have a discount in the repayment. Now i have just heard from another property owner who has similar mortgage in same apartment block and same bank, that he got a discount of 30% on the mortgage and is will repay it before end of month.He did not explain his strategy to get it, just said it has been a long process.So i will request the same from the bank but they will certainly say no. so my question is if i can get a legal action in that case arguing that another owner could get discount and there is no reason i would not get it as well.Any advice, suggestion etc.thanks in advance,Patricia

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We are looking for recommendations for an architect in Larnaca. We need plans drawn up that reflect the current outline of the property as it has changed from the original back in 1980. We then need a new application for building permits in order to get a Final Certificate of Approval so that we can add the house to the title deeds. We are against a timetable so are looking for someone who will actively follow up our case in order to complete the procedure in as short a time frame as possible.Thanks for any suggestions...

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Hi,  There are 32 apartments on our complex.1.Does the Management Committee require a majority of 51% or 75% to proceed with   or implement  any changes or improvement works which are proposed at the AGM?2.Do we need to register our Management Association with the Land Registry, as    separate title deeds will be issued to each apartment owner?3.Should our lawyer have created Regulations for the Management Committee?   Any help appreciated,                                   Keith

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Bank of Cyprus advised me today that they charge 0.4% for receiving money from a sterling account in a UK bank and putting it in my sterling account with them. This seems extortionate, does anyone know of a bank or method where the charges would be more reasonable? Thank-you

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I have been advised by a Cypriot resident that there will be a tax of 15% on property sales from next year, Can anyone confirm this? 

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I am considering buying a beach bungalow for investment near Pervolia. Its in a complex off the beach (close but not on the water :)The return appears good now that it is new and shiny, but I wonder how would things be in 10 years time? Pervolia seem to be over-built and holiday homes abound. Does anybody here have any direct experience of such an investment? I also worry that it will be hard to sell such a property in 10-20 years once it looks dated. Holiday rentals are different than regular rentals in a city, no?thanksnikos

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HiI am a UK resident currently living and working in Cyprus. Ihave an account with the Bank of Cyprus and have a sum of money which I wouldlike to invest in Euro denominated shares and funds (for all Eurozonecountries, not just Cyprus).I would like to utilise an online investment facility totrade in shares and funds, much like Hargreaves Lansdown in the UK. Is anyoneaware of such a facility?If not, then presumably I would have to resort to buyingshares and funds through my bank, or through a conventional stockbroker. Doesanyone have any suitable recommendations?Many thanks in anticipation of your assistance.

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Hi anybody know if the fifty percent discount still applies to 2018 deeds 

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