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So I wish to sell my property, and made a non-exclusive contract with a RE agent or two. Also advertising by myself. I already got offers for direct sale, but under the agreed marketing price. Of course, if I find a buyer I'd receive the same amount even with a lower price compared to agent selling and taking their share.Now, what bothers me: can I sell my property directly -despite the contract with an agent- for a lower price? So far, the agents haven't found any potential buyers, no offers made. 

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How can I find out if the property we rent is owned by a bank?

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Hi everyone! Does anyone have heard anything about the Rent to Buy or Rent to Own scheme in order to buy a property in Limassol?   Is it available? Any developer that offered something like that?   Regards

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I am currently in UK but was seriously thinking of buying a 2 bed apartment in Cyprus in 2018 or 2019.However I have heard rumours of a 15% tax on the sale of all property.    Is there any truth to this ?  And if so when does it / did it come in ?Currently I would pay about 3% tax in purchasing a €100,000 euro apartment.   If 15% is imposed it will kill any chances of buying - unless I carry on working and saving for at least 18 months - and by then UK citizens will no longer be EU citizens - with all the added repercussions regarding immigration regulations.  No doubt after Brexit in March 2019 it will be much tougher for Brits to relocate to anywhere in the E.U.Is there any truth to this 15% property tax ??

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Please guys England not being part of Eu, will I still get yellow slip when i get married to my England lady here in Cyprus, and will I be allowed to travel without applying for visa

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Hi,I have just received an email from my developerafter 13 years offering me my title deeds.Here is a breakdown of their bill:Admin 178 euroSAPA 716 euroIPT 507 euroMunicipality Fees 214 eurosThis is based on a 2 bed flat in Paphos92 m2.Can anyone explain what all these costs mean? Any help appreciated,      Keith.

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Hi there, My fiance is south african and i am an eu citizen. we are getting married in the next few weeks and we will be applying for his cypriot residency (yellow slip) through my eu status. I was wondering if he will be able to travel the eu with me, without the need of attaining visas? will a yellow slip be accepted at the airports? If anyone has any advice/ information that might I will appreciate it very much!

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I m indian , married and have yellow slip, now i want move , ask for i have to take visa for go england? Or can we  go me n my wife go direct at airport without visa ??

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D.Fitzgerald Marketing marketed an apartment to me that resulted in a 10 MONTH conveyancing period due to there still being a mortgage on the property.During those 10 months I lost over £3,000 in unearned share income waiting with money in a Euro account. Never said a word about it and I had to find out through my (rather slow) lawyer. Ignorance is no excuse for a supposedly "professional" company. If the seller didn't say anything about it, as part of the procedure and due diligence of a professional estate agent they should have asked before marketing the property!! Also when I eventually took ownership of the apartment, on arrival I found the washing machine pulled out from the wall and broken. D Fitzgerald Marketing were the only people to have possession of the keys during the 10 months yet they bizarrely offered the ludicrous excuse that either the seller came back and did it (why???) or a former tenant did it (for no apparent logical reason and no gain!!) - Probably one of there staff knew it was broken when I viewed the apartment in November 2018 and didn't say anything to Daryl Fitzgerald. They might be "big hitters" in the Paphos real estate business but they are NOT at all professional. At least not in my experience. If they want to sue or threaten to sue....I don't care. The facts speak for themselves.

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Dear All, I would like to inform you that I recently published a post on my blog regarding the free movement of UK nationals in Cyprus in a post brexit era. The post may be found by following this link http://thecypruslawyer.com/post-brexit-free-movement-of-uk-nationals-in-cyprus/ 

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Hi Guys, I have been renting a house for 6 years now and the owner has decided to sell the property and has asked us to leave. We have been looking around but the way the prices are in Limassol now its not easy to find a 3 bedroom within your budget. Now the owner has started putting pressure on us every month they come for the rent demanding we leave as they need to sell the house, they are now divorced and Im assuming want to pay the loan off and get half each. We have nothing in writing its all been verbal so far. Last month I called the landlady to say the AC was not working in one of the bedrooms, and she started shouting at me she refuses to fix anything in the house now as wants to sell the house. Now she has threatened me that if me and my family do not leave she will cut the water supply off. For 6 years we had no problems and pay every month on time our rent, and now due to them splitting up which I can assume must be quite bitter and hard on them its now us left in a horrible situation. The electric is in my name, but the water we kept in their name 6 years ago. Also we have a contract but after 6 years I cant find it, I asked her for her copy but she says her ex has it somewhere. By law can she just go and cut our water?Of course long term this situation can not continue and I will find somewhere to live but right now I can not find anything within my budget.Any advice would be a great help, thanks!!

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My yellow card has been canceled due to the fact that a few months after my divorce with no European citizen in Cyprus the emmigratin office suspects that our marriage was inefficient. I received a  letter it says that I have to leave Cyprus, but really, could be extradited even though I am a European citizen?Can anybody recommend me a good lawyer in Paphos, who have experience in this cross-checked to appeal that decision to the court.   Thank you!!!

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Hi, don't know if anyone can help, but I have been told that I might be entitled to a 50% refund on my property transfer tax, if I paid the full amount after 2011.  Cheers John

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Anyone know how you can trace progress of probate in Cyprus.

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Is there anywhere I can download the forms for self employment in English? Tia

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When will the on line 2017 tax form available?

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I understand that the government wants everyone to pay their Income Tax online. Very commendable. But I have encountered 2 problems when trying to set up my account with them. (1) they ask for a 12 digit Reference number. But none of my tax returns or receipts has 12 numbers. (2) they ask if I am employed or self-employed- but I am neither, being retired and paying the special 5% rate. Any suggestions how to get round these?

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 Having had a number of bad experiences with lawyers in Cyprus, we have finally found a trustworthy, competent and honest lawyer based in Limassol. Her name is  Ianthi kaminara ianthi@kaminaralaw.com  Ianthi has done a brilliant job for us and  we would highly recommend her. 

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Looking for a permanent position as either a head chef executive chef , chef manager kitchen manager or catering manager, where would be be best to start the search ? My husband will be more settled if he can secure work prior to arriving it will be easier to move asap as well.thank you Carol & Jeff

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I am Asian married to a Brit and holder of the "yellow slip" paper (residency permit) in Cyprus which runs out in 2019.  We have relocated to the UK and would visit Cyprus during the school holidays.  I want to know if I will be allowed to use this for re-entry to Cyprus if I do not go for a visit for a year or two.  I can not find any information on this and I do not want to go to consult a lawyer who will charge me 300EUR.  Thanks for any info on this.

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