Advice required about sickness and maternity benefit

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Can anyone recommend where we can get impatial advice, lady in question is self employed, had to give up work early due to complications with pregnancy.  is she entitled to both sickness and maternity benefit, any advice or recommendations appreciated. Has paid social for qualifying period we beleive. Thank you


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Hey, sorry to hear the trouble...

I would also try the social services. If in Limassol, the offices are in the old port area. I always got help from them and they are impartial, they would not give you wrong advice.

You can try to call them, however it's worth paying them a visit for face to face talk.


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Lawyer here. The lady in question is entitled to both sick leave and maternity leave. The relevant medical certificates are required of course. The reason she is entitled to both types of leave is that the maternity leave is available to help out women who give birth, not women who are sick (even if the cause of the sickness is pregnancy). 

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