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D.Fitzgerald Marketing marketed an apartment to me that resulted in a 10 MONTH conveyancing period due to there still being a mortgage on the property.During those 10 months I lost over £3,000 in unearned share income waiting with money in a Euro account. Never said a word about it and I had to find out through my (rather slow) lawyer. Ignorance is no excuse for a supposedly "professional" company. If the seller didn't say anything about it, as part of the procedure and due diligence of a professional estate agent they should have asked before marketing the property!! Also when I eventually took ownership of the apartment, on arrival I found the washing machine pulled out from the wall and broken. D Fitzgerald Marketing were the only people to have possession of the keys during the 10 months yet they bizarrely offered the ludicrous excuse that either the seller came back and did it (why???) or a former tenant did it (for no apparent logical reason and no gain!!) - Probably one of there staff knew it was broken when I viewed the apartment in November 2018 and didn't say anything to Daryl Fitzgerald. They might be "big hitters" in the Paphos real estate business but they are NOT at all professional. At least not in my experience. If they want to sue or threaten to sue....I don't care. The facts speak for themselves.


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