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Good morning, I am 81 year old UK Resident! I have lived in Cyprus for part of each year since 1985 and have owned a property here since that time. I've  had a "Yellow Slip" since 2008. Next week I have have an appointment to request "Permanent Residency" here in Cyprus (and dont forsee any problems with it being granted) I do however intend to continue living partly here in Cyprus and partly in the UK (family etc,) The main reason for my application is because my Euro Health card will cease to be valid come Brexit. Upto the present time here in Cyprus, I have been in reasonabley good health and have managed to pay for doctors consultations/Prescriptions /medication and for other additional services (X rays etc). I have a few questions however that I cant find the answers to...Can I be a resident of both the UK and Cyprus?........Do I need a UK Passport and a Cypriot Passport? Can I have both if I wanted?......Can I continue to use my UK Driving license here in Cyprus after Brexit? .....It has been mentioned that I will need to exchange my UK (euro) Driving License for a Cypriot Driving Licence but will be allowed to drive in the UK on my Cypriot License.?? (doesnt sound right)..... can anyone please answer my questions and explain the situation in simple terms...Look forward to help and replies Regards PC 49 (Keep Safe)    


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