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HiWe would like to retire to Cyprus but are not quite ready.We went round the island a couple of years back looking at property and at the time we were still in the EU after the vote to leave.The agent we met at the exhibition had printed a sheet detailing the merits of moving to Cyprus before we left.As I remember the main issues were right to work, Healthcare and tax.As it stands, we can apply for an MEU1 as EU citizens. If we wait until after 31st December, then we have lost that right and have to apply as 3rd Country Nationals.The main worry is Healthcare. We were led to believe that you need private insurance for the issue of an MEU1 and then maintain it until retirement age, and then as an expat you get a form S1, which then gives you free healthcare.But the implication was, that if you came after the end of the transition, you lose the right to an S1, so would be paying for healthcare in your old age.However since our visit, the GESY system has started.Once we spend more than 183 days in Cyprus we become Tax resident and are liable to pay into the system (I checked this with GESY).But the plan is to rent a place to get the MEU1 and I commute back to my work in the UK, so for a  few years I would still be liable to UK Tax and not pay into GESY.So initially we would not pay into the system, and in theory if we spend less than 6 months in Cyprus each year and treat it more like a holiday home, then we may never pay into GESY until we reach UK Retirement age (67).We would need the MEU1 as we intend to stay more than 4 Months. But once issued with the MEU1 you can have an absence of up to 6 months.So once you have stayed 4 months, you don't actually need to rent permanently, but can keep visiting.You do need however need a Cyprus contact address for the Tax and Immigration Dept's.Has anyone had any experience of this  E.G Those who have held an MEU1 via a holiday or permanent home, that they no longer have ?We watched a webinar where another agent stated that in Cyprus you get free healthcare aged 60Now this may be true for Cypriot workers, but I am not sure this applies to UK Expats who  have not paid into the social system.I need to weigh up the pros and cons of moving before the end of the Transition, and I cannot find any clear answers.At what age if any do you stop paying into the GESY system, as the literature shows pensioners paying 2.65%.Would we get free healthcare as an Expat  once we reach retirement age ?If we came as 3rd Country nationals, would we pay into the GESY system just like anybody else and do we get any free care when we retire (and at what age)If we apply for residency as 3rd country nationals, can we then stay permanently - albeit without the right to work (Category F)Hoping someone can advise


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