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Hello,I am an entrepreneur wishing to relocate to Cyprus since my wife is Cypriot by origin.Would anyone know of someone in similar situation that knows how easy is to acquire their citizenship ?Thanks for your help !


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Hello Rene,

First question. You wrote that your 'wife is Cypriot by origin' That doesn't necessarily mean she has Cypriot Citizenship. Does she have Cypriot Citizenship?

If yes then. Through your marriage to her you can apply for your citizenship. You'll have had to be married for 3 or more years and you must have been resident here for at least 2 years. More details can be found on the Ministry of Interior website.

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Dear Rene,

if your wife does have cypriot citizenship, then you can apply to obtain it too. The process is usually a bit slow, but it really is only a matter of time for you to obtain it. Usually lawyers such as myself perform these tasks on behalf of clients. For more info e-mail me at

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