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I understand that the government wants everyone to pay their Income Tax online. Very commendable. But I have encountered 2 problems when trying to set up my account with them. (1) they ask for a 12 digit Reference number. But none of my tax returns or receipts has 12 numbers. (2) they ask if I am employed or self-employed- but I am neither, being retired and paying the special 5% rate. Any suggestions how to get round these?

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isamar 1520857619

If you are retired you should put your previous status of work before retiring either employer or selft employed.

Every time you got a piece of paper for tax to be paid there should have a reference number of 12 digits.

Wally-Oppenheim-908160 1521448118

Thanks Isamar. I managed to find just one demand for tax from several years ago with the magic 12 figures. So I have now submitted my application and am waiting for them to approve it.

I still find the whole setup most peculiar. Why wasn't my TIC enough to identify me? What about people who do not keep their papers for years on end as I do? Or those who (like me with the one exception) never receive a tax demand because we always pay early anyway?

I suppose this is another example of "This is Cyprus" working by the rulebook.

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