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A lot remains unknown about the effect on expats of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union. Do you have a question for legal expert, Alex Danos, about the Brexit? Alex is Managing Partner at Danos & Associates.Just make sure you're signed in, then post your questions below.


Bertie Mac 1467364186

Do you know if our EU driving licenses still be valid in Cyprus on exit, or will we need to sit tests in order to legally drive here?

Alex-Danos-863542 1467373368

It will depend on whether Cyprus and the UK will sign a reciprocal exchange agreement. Cyprus has such agreements with several non-EU countries and my guess is that there will be such an agreement with the UK as well.

Bertie Mac 1467375714

Thanks Alex, that's reassuring to know. The thought of having to retake a test fills me with dread.

Daniel H 1467615186

Will British citizens require a work permit in the future? What's the situation with Norwegians living and working in Cyprus; will it be the same thing?

Alex-Danos-863542 1467621398

Hello Daniel. The short answer is we do not know. It depends on the terms that will be agreed by the UK and the EU. Norway is bound by the same freedom of movement rules as EU countries and Norwegians can work in the EU without restrictions.. However, we cannot assume that the UK will get the same deal as Norway did. The main reason why many UK citizens voted to leave the EU was Immigration. EU officials have stated that for the UK to have full access to the single market it would need to to accept freedom of movement. A Norway type of deal would mean that not much would change from the current situation and the UK would still not be able to control Immigration. It would be a nonstarter for many of those who supported Brexit.

shivers 1467627760

Through my parents and grandparents heritage, I'm eligible to apply for a couple of different EU passports. Is it worthwhile me applying for them as a back up? If the UK does leave the EU, would I be able to work in Cyprus just by switching to my Irish or German passport?

Alex-Danos-863542 1467631738

Yes, if the UK does leave the EU you can use your Irish or German passport which are EU passports.

Bertie Mac 1468228878

As a non-EU resident, how long can one stay in Cyprus on holiday? How likely is it that Brits will be deported from Cyprus after this?

Alex-Danos-863542 1468506656

Hell Bertie Mac. How long a non-EU citizen can stay in Cyprus for holidays depends on where he comes from. That should not be of concern as generally Western non-EU citizens can stay in Cyprus as tourists for 90 days or so. In regards to British people otentially losing their rights to live in Cyprus, that would largely depend on the outcome of the negotiations between the UK and the EU. It is highly likely that both the UK and the EU will want to agree that the citizens already living on either side are not affected. Any Immigration controls are most likely to affect people who do not already live in Cyprus.

Bertie Mac 1468570583

Hi Alex

Thanks for your detailed reply - very informative.

So, let's take US citizens for example. If a US citizen travels to Cyprus and stays for their 90 day period, technically they should then return home or leave the country. What would be the possibility of ducking over to Turkey for a week (as a non-EU country) and then returning to Cyprus? Would they have another 90 days legal stay in Cyprus?

Daniel H 1473665668

I was reading that France and Germany are proposing charging an entrance / tourist visa fee to all British nationals wanting to enter European mainland.

Is this legal? Would they have to start doing that for all nationalities or can they discriminate?

Would it be payable when crossing every border in Europe (or would the Schengen agreement prevent that). Because driving to Cyprus would be a costly exercise...

Alex-Danos-863542 1473864956

Hi Daniel! The fee they are thinking of introducing for non-EU tourists is not just for British citizens but all non-EU citizens. That is if we assume that the UK will eventually be out of the EU and British citizens will be non-EU citizens. It would be a very small amount paid online. At least that is what they are talking about at the moment. Nothing certain yet.

D Bunk 1474273766

Wha wha what!? I imagine this is largely a lot of hot air (or I hope so anyway).

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