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Hi Folks, Are there any of you already living in Cyprus who do not have Private Health Insurance and have had experience of the free health care? I've been led to believe that they are on a par to England, if not better. It seems that a lot of the ex pats are taking out Private Health Ins, however if they are entitled to free (I know its dependant on earnings) health care and it's good...what's the point? If someone has to see their Doctor say on a monthly basis and has repeat prescriptions what is the procedure. Is it as straight forward as it is in the UK or do you have to,(as I have heard) queue up for hours in the General for a prescription? Regards Maria

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Picklepie-659761 1142183758

Hi Maria

I'm afraid I'm not in the category of people who have free healthcare in Cyprus so I'm not one to really answer your question, but I would just make a comment about provate healthcare here.

It is considerably cheaper than in the UK and whilst it certainly isn't Bupa hospital standard it is very efficient. My son was recently hospitalised at the Polyclinic in Limassol and the whole experience from start to finish was completely stress free.  From seeing the doctor in his surgery, my son was tucked up in a hospital bed within half an hour. We had a private room with a TV and DVD and the staff were fantastic. If you compare that to a NHS hospital visit we had in the UK where we waited from 4pm until 11pm to see a doctor to be told there was nothing wrong, there is no comparison.

From what I hear about peoples experiences of free healthcare in Cyprus, you would be looking more at the NHS experience and it could be worse.  I hear that waiting times are very long at the general hospitals, and have been given the advice that if you ever have to get in an ambulance say 'Polyclinic' very firmly.

However, I'm sure there will be someone along to tell you about their real experiences with free healthcare as opposed to the scare stories that I have been told.


MariaEph320 1142262891

Hi Picklepie,

Thanks for your honest feedback.

My main concern is for my 80yr old mother who is also selling up going to Cyprus with me! Even though she's quite a vibrant 80yr old, she does have 1 or 2 problems which come with age, she has repeat prescriptions and sees her doctor about once monthly. To be honest, our local medical centre is pretty good here and it's hassle free. I'm so concerned that it's going to be too much hassle in Cyprus and won't be as straight forward as it is here in the UK.


kath murphy 1147742993

my family & i are relocating to cyprus, we fly out on the 31st may. would anyone be able to let me have details of a good private healthcare provider as i understand from the forum the private healthcare you take over in cyprus is quite cheaper than in the uk. im confused,could anyone help. many thanks. kath. email. 

Keo King 1148476924

Hi Maria

Bit late replying to this as i have only just discovered this forum.  We moved to Cyprus in November last year and being under state retirement age we had to have private health cover in order to apply for residency.  That may be the reason why you hear of so many ex pats having it.  As for the free health care, we have an elderly neighbour here who relies on this and has had superb service.

As for it being a free service, it is based on your income.  I understand that you have to pay a percentage of your medical costs on a sliding scale if you earn over Cy£9000 PA, but dont quote me on that figure.

I have also discovered that we should have applied for a form E106 (E121 if you are over state retirement age) before we left the UK. If you are entitled to it this form gets you the same health care as the local residents.  I now have an E106 but the authorities here in Larnaca looked at me blankly when i went to submit it so if anyone out there has had the same problem i would be interested to hear from them.


Keo King

Michael-660958 1148482977

All I know is having been to a general once and having waited as in uk several hours to see someone to then be told we don't do ears come back tomorrow is pretty irritating to the proverbial ear!  Obviously had to queue again the following day after which point service was fine - not entirely free but fine.

Nigel Howarth 1148581736

Health Care Entitlement in Cyprus under EU Regulations



Under EU regulations, health care can be provided in Cyprus for people from other EU Member States. The health care is provided on the same basis as is provided to a Cypriot national and is available at any of the Government Medical Institutions in Cyprus.


To obtain heath care in Cyprus, you must initially be in possession of an appropriate E - Form or a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from your own Member State. You are entitled to health care in Cyprus if you fall into one of the categories listed below. You will also see from the table below, which particular E - Form you need.


Required ‘E’ Form/Card - Category of Person


E111 or EHIC - Temporary visitor or tourist


E121 - Pensioner coming to live permanently in Cyprus.  


E111 or EHIC - A worker from another Member State posted to work in Cyprus less than one year.


E106 - A worker from another Member State posted to work in Cyprus for more than one year.


E106 (residual) - A U.K. person under Pension age coming to live permanently in Cyprus.


E111 - A student.


E109 - Dependants living in Cyprus but insured worker living in another Member State.


E111 or EHIC - A person from another Member State in receipt of Unemployment Benefit and seeking work in Cyprus.


E123 - A person in receipt of Industrial Injuries Benefit or an occupational disease.


E112 - A person referred to Cyprus for specific medical treatment.


What Medical Treatment do these ‘E’ Forms/Cards entitle you to?


Form E111 or EHIC


The form E111 or EHIC entitles you to receive any medically necessary treatment that you may need during your stay in Cyprus. If you have not got a form E111 or EHIC when attending at a Cyprus State Hospital, it may be possible for you to obtain such a form by contacting your “home” administration who may be able to provide you with the relevant documentation.


If you do not have the Required E – Form or EHIC, the state hospital authorities are entitled to charge you for the treatment provided, but you may claim reimbursement later from your home Member State.


Forms E106, E109 & E121


If you are in possession of any of these forms, you must register with the Cyprus Ministry of Health. On arrival in Cyprus, you should contact a Cyprus State Hospital or the Ministry of Health, where you will be given an application form for a Cyprus Medical Card. The completed application form should be submitted to a state hospital or the Ministry of Health together with the appropriate E-form and supporting documents required according to instructions. If you are a Pensioner, you will also need some form of proof to confirm that you are receiving a Pension from your “home” State. The application will be processed by the Ministry of Health as quickly as possible. The Cyprus Medical card will entitle you to receive health care in Cyprus for the duration covered by the card.


Form E123


This E123 Form entitles you to receive treatment in Cyprus for your industrial injury or occupational disease only. To receive treatment for any other medical condition under the EU Regulations, you must also be in possession of another E-form. The form E123 should always be presented to the hospital authorities when treatment is required for your industrial injury or prescribed disease.


If you have been issued with form E123, and have decided to take up permanent residence in Cyprus, you should let the Cypriot authorities know that you hold this form.


Form E112


You should immediately present this form to the state hospital authorities when you attend for your treatment.


if you have any queries with regard to the information contained above, you should contact the appropriate authorities in your home state or alternatively the Ministry of Health in Cyprus at:


Ministry of Health,

10 Markou Drakou Street,

1448 Lefkosia


Telephone: +357 22 400207 or +357 22 305354

Fax: +357 22 305346

Web site:



Nigel (aka EPHMH)

Mickey-661180 1151105700

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for the detailed information. I am a U.K person under Pension age, who does not work, and lives permanently in Cyprus. I am in possession of a 'Pink Slip',an Alien Card,and pay Cyprus Tax.

Last year I applied for a Cyprus Medical card and supplied an E106 (residual) form as requested. I was issued with a card but this expired on the 31st of December 2005. Since that date I have visited Paphos Hospital twice and attempted to renew my expired card,but I am informed that I need to re-submit an E106 Form.... I re-applied to the U.K, but they refuse to supply another E106 as a) I am not resident in the U.K. and b) I haven't accummulated enough N.I. stamps in the last 3 years..I would be grateful for any advice on what I should try next.


Nigel Howarth 1151182318

Hi Mike,

> I would be grateful for any advice on what I should try next.

As the UK will not issue you with an E-form, I believe your only option is private medical insurance. (I am in the same position myself).


Nigel (aka EPHMH)

2325-660325 1151227565

Any private medical health cover in most countries excludes many or most pre-existing illnesses or some age barriers. Does this also apply to medical insurance companies in Cyprus - do you know anyone who can cover.




Nigel Howarth 1151238868

Hi Eugene,

Private medical insurance companies will not usually cover you for pre-existing medical conditions.

It maybe worthwhile phoning around - you may find one to accept you by paying an increased premium.


Nigel (aka EPHMH)

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