How to find a reliable IT outsourcing partner in Cyprus?

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What things should be taken into consideration when choosing an IT outsourcing partner in Cyprus? Check your outsourcing partner's infrastructure and technology When you have an office in Cyprus and one or more branches elsewhere in the world, it is obvious that your outsourcing partner should use best-of-breed infrastructure and high-end technology to handle the tasks. Check if the outsourcing IT team has the right qualifications to perform IT tasks for your company and to reach all of your goals. Ask for references and check the proven track records Find out if your offshore partner has experience in delivering the required services at the scale of your business needs. You wouldn’t want the IT company to get its first experience in IT outsourcing when working for you. References are there so you can find out more about the quality of service, timely deliveries and customer support services.  You can also check company’s profile on Microsoft Pinpoint, in Cyprus section. Look for Gold and Silver competencies. Don’t forget to check the feedback section. Check if the IT partner provides a full IT service pack Sometimes your company may face various IT problems and then it is always good to be able to contact your outsourcing partner as the team there will see the whole picture and you will not need to explain your ideas all over again. Check language and cultural compatibility Your IT partner should understand your employees well to ensure effective and quick troubleshooting. Also your IT partner should be aware of your organizational structure and cultural peculiarities.


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