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Is there any free advice bureau or human rights association in Cyprus?Actually my brother is in trouble in Cyprus. please help me how can any one guide him regarding this brother went there  in cyprus as student the home where he stay people misguide him and caught him and convince him to do marriage and take money from him.police catch them and now my brother is facing a charge of attempt to fake marriage.he just spent 24 days in cyprus after this all happen my brother was very new there he trusted on that boy who submit his admission there in cyprus but he was unaware of his bad nature and his greed he took a lot of money from my brother and ran away now my brother is on bail and the charge on him is attempt to fake marriage he is becoming a depression patient we want him back in pakistan.we all live in Pakistan no one of our family and friends live in Cyprus we are too much worried about my brother please we need help. 


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