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Hi,  There are 32 apartments on our complex.1.Does the Management Committee require a majority of 51% or 75% to proceed with   or implement  any changes or improvement works which are proposed at the AGM?2.Do we need to register our Management Association with the Land Registry, as    separate title deeds will be issued to each apartment owner?3.Should our lawyer have created Regulations for the Management Committee?   Any help appreciated,                                   Keith


Nigel Howarth 1516774456

Hi Keith

The role of the Management Committee is to insure, manage, maintain the jointly-owned building. There is nothing in the law concerning 'changes' or 'improvements'; these are outside the remit of the Committee.

The Committee must be established according to the law and you do not have to register it with the Land Registry.

The law includes standard Regulations. If the Committee wishes to change the standard Regulations it needs the consent of 75% of the ownership. (Note this is not the same as 75% of the owners). Furthermore those changed Regulations must be registered with the Land Registry.

Ideally the revised regulations should be drawn up by a lawyer.

Here's some light reading for you:

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The Jointly-owned Buildings Law in English - The Immovable Property (Tenure, R-Registration And Valuation) (Amendment) Law of 1993


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Hi Nigel,

                Thanks for the reply.

                   Will inform owners at today's




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