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Hi everyone! Does anyone have heard anything about the Rent to Buy or Rent to Own scheme in order to buy a property in Limassol?   Is it available? Any developer that offered something like that?   Regards

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Nigel Howarth 1399305065

Hi Yianni,

The only company I know that offers a rent-to-buy scheme is Fox. There may be other companies offering similar schemes.




Marie-663566 1399338738

I've also seen 'rent-to-buy' adverts from private sellers. Corporate or Private, you just need to ensure you sign a suitable legally-binding contract (that you as the buyer are also happy with) - and of course you need to have evidence the sellers will honour the thing.

I don't think there's any way of registering your intent to buy with the Land Registry but maybe someone else knows?

Yiannis1984 1399386051

Thanks for the reply.... I will check it out.

Yiannis1984 1399386214

Thanks as well... I believe that would be great opportunity for both seller and buyer to enter into such transactions... Outside Cyprus is a well known scheme and is working perfectly, of course with a very good advice by lawyers. And I think that in Cyprus we do have good lwayers. It will help the economy as well.

Tri3778 1399397795

Hi Yiannis,


I have recently done this, I put adverts out to see if there was any private sellers interested (We got a lot of replies) We then viewed and chose the property.

Our Solicitor drew up a Sales Contract that both parties were happy with (This cost around 500euro) and it was all completed in less than 2 weeks.


Hope this helps.

FuzzyDave 1437509517

Hello Tri3778

This is something we are very interested in preceeding with, would it be possible to tell us where you placed your adverts?

Hoping you can help...


Chris-POLYKARPOU -959716 1587452829

I am also interested in the scheme 1589486994

Dear  Yianni 

In Cyprus rent to buy is not very usual .

if you do it you have to have a good agreement without have misunderstandings

but if you want to buy properties in Limassol please 

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