Selling my house, by me or via agent?

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So I wish to sell my property, and made a non-exclusive contract with a RE agent or two. Also advertising by myself. I already got offers for direct sale, but under the agreed marketing price. Of course, if I find a buyer I'd receive the same amount even with a lower price compared to agent selling and taking their share.Now, what bothers me: can I sell my property directly -despite the contract with an agent- for a lower price? So far, the agents haven't found any potential buyers, no offers made. 

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You have the right to sell your  house by yourself .if you have a non-exclusive contract with estate agent you can advertise also but you have to ask the same price with the estate agent . It is a legal issue you have to give the opportunity to the estate agent  to sell your house ,if you ask by yourself less price with the estate agent is a legal issue.

By yourself  maybe you will need more time to sell your house, but with estate agent is more quick, so doesn't matter I think about the commission to pay to your agent because time is money , and the estate agent will make all the procedure to transfer the property to the new buyer also. 

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