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Hello I have two questions, if anyone is capable of answering them i will be very gratefull. a)I had a friend who lived in Cyprus illegaly, he got caught, sent back to his home country and now he is in stop list for entering Cyprus. Im wondering is there any way to get removed from the stop list? I mean my friend got a 5year restriction for entering Cyprus, is there any way to shorten that period or something? b)I heard about a partner visa which is provided to the civil partner or de facto partner of a resident or for example Cypriot citizen, in to the couple to in Cyprus. Does it exist in Cyprus?


Olde Dog 1350208452

I'm not sure what you mean by "de facto partner of a resident or for example Cypriot citizen"

Unless on a work permit the only way a non EU citizen can live in Cyprus is if they are married to an EU or Cypriot citizen.

The fact your friend was caught living here illegally means he wasn't either an EU or married to an EU...With the current economic crisis there is no way he'll get back even if he was offered a job, with his record any marriage he entered into would not be looked at as an honest one by the immigration department so they still wouldn't give a visa.


johnners-660966 1350220365

Hello Elladka,

Olde Dog has summed up the situation in this case. The only thing to add would be the timing of things. You don't say when your friend was caught and the case heard etc. There will be time allowed for an appeal to be lodged, in certain circumstances, and this can then lead to long and often expensive delays too. If the restriction is laid down as 5 years then that's it subject to appeal but it would need to be new and compelling evidence to have any chance of success.




Yiannis1984 1382352697

One more question to that issue.... If a non EU citizen is in the stop-list and got married to Cypriot citizen in a non EU country, can be entered to Cyprus?


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sajini-chamika-871441 1475675261

hi.was in cyprus 2015,i came for work visa .but that my employer dont make register .she want my cut my salary make register .even she didnt pay my arivel air tiket.then .so 2016 me dbord becoz i become inligal.what i do .i want to come back,i have new employer,plz let me know what can i do ,thanks

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