Tenant Laws

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Hi Guys, I have been renting a house for 6 years now and the owner has decided to sell the property and has asked us to leave. We have been looking around but the way the prices are in Limassol now its not easy to find a 3 bedroom within your budget. Now the owner has started putting pressure on us every month they come for the rent demanding we leave as they need to sell the house, they are now divorced and Im assuming want to pay the loan off and get half each. We have nothing in writing its all been verbal so far. Last month I called the landlady to say the AC was not working in one of the bedrooms, and she started shouting at me she refuses to fix anything in the house now as wants to sell the house. Now she has threatened me that if me and my family do not leave she will cut the water supply off. For 6 years we had no problems and pay every month on time our rent, and now due to them splitting up which I can assume must be quite bitter and hard on them its now us left in a horrible situation. The electric is in my name, but the water we kept in their name 6 years ago. Also we have a contract but after 6 years I cant find it, I asked her for her copy but she says her ex has it somewhere. By law can she just go and cut our water?Of course long term this situation can not continue and I will find somewhere to live but right now I can not find anything within my budget.Any advice would be a great help, thanks!!

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