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Hi,I have just received an email from my developerafter 13 years offering me my title deeds.Here is a breakdown of their bill:Admin 178 euroSAPA 716 euroIPT 507 euroMunicipality Fees 214 eurosThis is based on a 2 bed flat in Paphos92 m2.Can anyone explain what all these costs mean? Any help appreciated,      Keith.

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Xenia Stasi 1592305478

Hi Keith, 13 years is a long time, you could have sued... Not sure if you got the situation explained to you, since this post is a bit old but the bills you are referring to are basically the taxes andfees that owe as the buyer of the property. Even if the title deeds are not on your name you are responsible for paying all bills related to the property you purchased from date of sale onwards. If you need further information or legal advice I'd be happy to help. Poly, lawyer of Paphos 

ChrisRab 1646073046

Can you find out who owns a property in Paphos?

ChrisRab 1646073142

Who can you contact to find out who is letting an apartment in Paphos ?

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