travelling the eu as a non eu member but with a yellow slip residency.

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Hi there, My fiance is south african and i am an eu citizen. we are getting married in the next few weeks and we will be applying for his cypriot residency (yellow slip) through my eu status. I was wondering if he will be able to travel the eu with me, without the need of attaining visas? will a yellow slip be accepted at the airports? If anyone has any advice/ information that might I will appreciate it very much!

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yes, just you will have to take both yellow slips and marriage certificate. 

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I think all main land EU flights are classed as internal and there are no passport controls.

The UK did not sign the shengan agreement so its boarder remains and EU flights are checked.

Have fun on your trip.


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Be careful with some of the incorrect information people are posting here.

Uk is not part of Schengen. Cyprus, also , is NOT part of Schengen !

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This might be helpful for you:

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The yellow slip does not allow your husband  to travel within the EU. If you want to visit the UK you will have to apply to the British consulate  in Nicosia for a visitors visa. ( Lots of paperwork, an interview and a fee) A Schengen visa  is free and will allow you to travel to many Eu countries.

 After you get married and have  applied for your husbands yellow slip, expect to wait for several months before it is issued!!!!!!. Don't book your flight to Europe just yet 

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Ok so following on from this question , I am English , my wife is Ukrainian and she already has her yellow 5 year tempary residence paper for Cyprus . So what is the proceedure with border immigration for main land Europe and also for UK when arriving for a holiday from Cyprus ?

does she need schengen visa and British visa ?


tonypp 1353621293

Hello Sjg-uk,

 Schengen visa, Your wife goes to one of the consulates with hers and your papers and proof of your flight  and they will issue you with a visa very quickly.

Uk visa, your wife fills out the applcation on line, pays on line, makes an appointment for a interview on line. Then she goes for the interview at the consulate in Nicosia. Take all paperwork,hers and yours not forgetting a download of the interview appointment and a copy of the payment. After that hopefully they will send you a visa so apply well before the time when you want to travel.

 Have Fun



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If your doing nothing illigal you will not have a problem, not sure where the wrong advice is in this thread?

All seems very good advice to me.

Enjoy your holiday.


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hi everybody,,i am interesting also some question: my husbent is from Austria and me from Belarus.I have yellow slip....In which ways i can travel to EU countres by myself? and may be somebody know if i apply for temporary residentships do they ask about knowing of greek language? thks.

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Hi  I hope everybody knows evevrything, if your third national countries , and you are married with EU citizen, and you have yellow slip from Cyprus, you are allowed to travel in all Europe without visa only with yourhusband or wife, and if you traveling alone then u need visa.Have a nice day

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I m indian, married and have yellow slip , can we go both from cyprus to england without visa or we have to take visa to go england???

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