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Below is a letter taken from the current Cyprus Weekly. I fully agree with the information given by the High Commission. They gave the writer of the letter all the help they could, ie told him who to approach. They are there to help you to help yourself, but cannot get involved. This is universal, and affects the Diplomatic Missions of all countries. The BHC will have a leaflet listing what it can and cannot for it's nationals: "May I respond to the letter from Ms Lawley, British High Commission, regarding her statement that the Commission is run as an “efficient operation”. I have only ever approached the High Commission on two occasions.The first was when I had problems with my developer. Realising that I was not alone in this matter, I wrote to the High Commission for advice and assistance. You might have thought that someone there would be able to help. But no. The reply was that the Commission does not get involved in such matters and that I should use a local solicitor, which I had already done, and was in part the reason why I found myself in trouble in the first place.I had been informed that buying a home in Cyprus was similar to the UK when, of course, it is nothing of the like.Nearly five years down the road I have paid in full and still do not have any title deeds to show I own anything. Even the Building Contractor’s Association of Cyprus has recently expressed concern over the standard of some of the building work being carried out here, so why has the British High Commission not warned its nationals about getting involved with developers and the dangers of being an ‘Unsecured Creditor?’The second time, last year was just before my pink slip expired. I asked the British High Commission what documents I needed as an EU citizen to renew my temporary residence. The feedback was that the rules on issuance may have changed since 2002. Well, Cyprus joined the EU in 2004 but the High Commission informed me that they had: “No official documentation here on this matter”. And that I would have to take it up with the Immigration Authorities in Cyprus.So much for an efficient operation. I hope the official parties are better organised. Money for old rope comes to mind."

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hello...... can anyone advise as to the best way to transfer money from uk to cyprus. i currently hold a woolich account in uk but will be opening an account ( probably with bank of cyprus) as soon as i arrive. i have already been advised that it is better to exchange sterling whilst actually in cyprus..... but am i allowed to bring large amounts in cash with me.. thanks for any adviceslc

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Hi, been here for 4 years and have to renew our Residence Permits (Pink Slips) in June. Can anyone me exactly what is currently needed to complete this, in particular: Health insurance. Back in 2003 we were not asked about this, but others I know recently have had to take out Private Health Insurance. As we have Cyprus Health cards now (pink ones) is that all they will need to see? Finances. Back in 2003 they wanted to know everything about our finances, including bank accounts, assets, etc. I think (so I see elsewhere on this forum) they are more relaxed about this now we are in the EU. Am I right that if we produce our Cyprus Income Tax certificate for 2006 that will suffice? Geoff

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Can anyone tell me please the bank in the uk that does not charge for withdrawing money in cyprus please? Do you knowif i can open a cypriot online bank account? Thanks:)

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Hi everyone. I'm Justin from the UK, long time browser, first time topic creator. I am looking to relocate to Cyprus within 12 months as my family are retiring there at the end of the year. I hope to start a small, family run business but am in need of some information. Does anyone or has anyone started their own small business in Cyprus? If so, who do you contact who will sort out all the cypriot legalities such as business registration, business taxes, public liabities etc. I was heading down the lawyer/accountant route but the couple I have emailed from their websites (listed on ANGLO) don't seem to be interested in helping so I assumed this wasn't the way forward. Can anyone help me.............?

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what is needed for a cypriot bank account.....any info greatly appreciated cheers guys

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hi currently living in the uk.will be in cyprus by march 2008.and have been looking at the propertys for sale and could need to know the requirements to get a mortgage for around 100k cyp.is there a certain amount of time you have had to have been living in the country.all help required thank you

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Hello - I have a Company retirement pension and state pension from the UK. Could someone please advise how I go about applying for double taxation treaty relief. I understand I won't get it on state pension but can I get it on my company pension if this is declared in Cyprus. I am really confused. Help. Many thanks. Marie Elissa

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Would appreciate any information on long term apartment rental near nursery/elementary schools in Pahos/Kato Paphos and which residency permit to apply for, we are intending to have 6 months holiday before looking for work, we are heading over at the end of April.

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We started the process of buying a small apartment which is a resale some six months ago now. Has anyone else had to wait this ridiculous length of time for the Land Registry office to send out the Deeds so that handover can be completed? I am now sick to death of the whole thing and now wish we had gone for a Development project.JanJan

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Please could someone tell me what the interest rate is for a mortgage from a Cypriot bank?In England the mortgage rate is governed by the bank of England is it a similar way in Cyprus and does it fluctuate a lot. Malcolm Dimbleby

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Hi, sorry to be a pain as i have read info on this subject previously but i am a little confused! My husband and I and our 2 young children are moving out to cyprus next week and i was led to believe that we would still receive child benefit from the UK as we are moving within europe, however i have just been told that it is only payable if one of you is sent to work there by a UK company, does anyone have any answers on this please! can anything we claimed whilst in cyprus at all? :)

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Has anyone recently shipped their HHG by Air Freight that can give us some advice about what to expect re Customs Clearance Procedures? We're moving over there from Thailand at the beginning of next month & as we don't have a huge amount, and the routings by sea from Asia take forever, we've decided to ship our stuff by air freight - unbelievably the cost difference isn't too drastic! The following is what our removals company here in Bangkok has been informed by the Handling Agent in Cyprus (Orbiz in Limassol). Please excuse the grammar; this is quoted 'straight from the horses mouth' as it were "In order to be exempted from duties you need to explain the reason why you are going to Cyprus. Our Agent mentioned that the shipment will definitely be checked by the authorities. The customs will require to see proof that you will be moving to Cyprus permanently, what they ask for is: 1. client to be present with his original passport to sign the customs papers at the nearest customs office 2. the house agreement here in Cyprus 3. a letter from your job in Thailand that he used to work for them and now he is moving permanently to Cyprus 4.bank statement from a Cyprus bank proving that he is having incomes here or a letter proving that he is retired." No. 1 & 2 will not be a problem, but we have concerns regarding No. 3 & 4. We are Self Employed & therefore will be setting up our own company after we arrive - should we just write such a letter on our own company letterhead?. The same goes for a local Cyprus bank account, we'll open one when we get there and transfer funds to into it from our UK account - does this take long?. If anyone has been through the process recently we'd very much appreciate your advice.

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Can anyone tell me what happens someone is claiming at the social insurance then gets offered a very temporary assignment (with an agency) for one weeks work? The agency job includes deductions for the social insurance so it's not a cash in hand position. Is it possible to do this then continue to claim benefits, minus the week that was worked?Julie

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Our container (20ft) is being shipped by M.S.C. into Limassol early march, we have been sent the T2L form and the Bill of Laden from the movers and transport to our new address is included in the price. Do we need to go to the docks with this info? Or do we have to employ a customs clearance agent? If so does anyone have any recommendations? We are moving to Paphos. Thanks for any assistance. Duncan and Anne

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Hi, i have been told that if you bring new unused unopened goods into cyprus with your general household furniture then you are liable to pay tax! does anybody know if this is true? We are thinking of bringing several new products with us as in towels linen microwave stereo etc but obviously dont want to be hit at customs! :)

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Can anyone tell me which building the Social Insurance office is in on Franklin Roosevelt in Limassol. I think it's near the water board but I can't work out which one it is as all the signs are in Greek on the likely looking buildings. Thanks Caroline

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We are planning a permanent move to Cyprus (Larnaca area) at the beginning of April. We would very much appreciate advice concerning the legal requirements for British citizens with regard to registration for residency. Although there is an abundance of information on the internet, most seems to refer to those who plan to purchase property, & we're finding it all a little confusing! We will be seeking a long term rental property & will need to get advice about setting up a small business which can trade both in Cyprus as well as selling products internationally. Any recommendations for property rental agents & lawyers would be very much appreciated.

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hi everyonei am living in limassol and i want to start a .com business and sell the cheapest(hopefully) webspace in Cyprus. Could someone out there please help and tell me what i have to do get it registered. What would be the cheapest option to register it and how ??? I ve searched the net and i cant find anything, expect the Ltd option, which i find too expensive at the moment.Could i run this business being "self-employed" or do i need to become a Ldt with a chairman and a secretary ?Thanks allotmiggi

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if you are retired do the local councils social services help ex pats who are retired and need help? does anyone know?pamela gibbs

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