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Can you tell me and explain the process of what info (paper work)is required to open a bank account in , we are over in May 07 to look at properties for our move in Sep07 regrads Darren

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Does anyone have private medical insurance,I am interested to know. I am nearly 60 years and will be moving to Cyprus later this year. I intend to obtain E121 form but is the medical care in Cyprus any good ? if you obtain it using the E121. I would really appreciate any advise on this matter.I will be living in the Larnaca area. Thanks Janicejanice

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I'm looking to buy a plot of land in the Pomos area hopefully this year, and trying to understand the rules for paying for it. As a non-Cypriot, I believe that I need to pay for the purchase in a foreign currency (e.g. Pounds Sterling). Scenario: Some months before I actually buy the plot, I might decide that it's wise to transfer some Pounds Sterling from a UK bank account into a Sterling account in a Cyprus bank, then convert it to Cyprus Pounds because the currency conversion rate is favourable at the time. If I were to do this, when it comes to the time of the actual purchase, does this mean that I cannot pay with the coverted monies, because it is no longer a 'foreign (i.e. Sterling)' currency. Or, would these monies still be considered 'foreign' currency because they originated from a UK bank as Pounds Sterling? I suppose the alternative, is to transfer Pounds Sterling from a UK bank to a Cyprus bank at the time of purchase and fingers crossed for a favourable exchange rate? Any thoughts on this conumdrum would be appreciated.Kevin

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Does anyone know if there is a complaints body who will deal with an issue we have with Cyta? I have tried to get something resolved with them for the past four months where they owe me money and they are refusing to refund me?ChrisChris G

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hello everyone, i have been reading through all the info regarding healthcare and i am not too sure on long term illness and aftercare ie if you developed a serious illness like cancer and need a long period in hospital is that covered on the state system as in the uk or can you only be treated if you have private cover.I would rather get this sorted before we move to cyprus. many thanks linda

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Hi, My husband is a self-employed carpenter and he would like to set himself up with a national insurance number - in other words, go legit. Do we need to get an accountant for this or is it something we can apply for ourselves? If the former, does anyone know a good accountant in the Larnaca area? And how much do they charge?Soulla xxx

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Hi, could anyone help me please, i know that when arriving in cyprus you need to register with the alien registration people but when and where? (will be in Paphos) and can you just get a job or do you need to register for work and if so when and where? would hate to get kicked out before we get the chance to get started! thanks :)

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Hello, I wonder if anyone out there can give me some idea of the cost Private Dental,Medical and Hospital Insurance for pensioners in Cyprus. Look forward to getting some replies. EdnaEandA

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We have just sold our holiday home in Cyprus and will probably have to pay some CGT in Cyprus. If we wish to pay the profit made into our bank in the UK, will we have to declare it and pay tax on the amount to the Inland Revenue in the UK? We are both UK tax payers. I guess we may have to pay 22% on the amount brought back to the UK? Or will CGT paid in Cyprus cover any liability? Many thanks for any info.

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A recent AngloINFO article briefly discussed Cypriot laws on Inheritance and Wills. Anyone living in Cyprus for more than a few months will quickly realise that despite joining the EU, many officials and trade bodies seem just as restrictive and monopolistic as ever. And this could be the case with the Administration and Execution of Cyprus wills. In more than one Continental EU country I have made Personal Application for Probate on behalf of relatives when the Estates were relatively straight forward, and without involving the grasping claws of the legal classes. In all cases the Estates were executed at about 10% of the cost sought by legal sources, were entirely legal in every respect and provided inheritors with a worthwhile increase to transferred wealth. Can members please advise us about the law on private persons seeking probate in Cyprus. For obvious reasons the legal chaps are less than forthcoming on the subject!

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Hi everyone, We have recently purchased a 3 bedroom bungalow (CYP125,000) in Cyprus. At the moment we are trying to create a monthly budget and was hoping if people wouldn't mind giving us a rough idea of what we will be expected to pay in terms of bills e.g council tax, home insurance electricity, pool maintenance etc and an approximate cost. We will also be looking to purchase a small car e.g punto, mitsubishi colt etc. If anybody knows the approximate insurance cover, petrol costs it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance KevK.S.Mace

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Hello i will be moving to Cyprus in two weeks andwant to start my own business to the locals. Has anyone had any experience in this and do you think the local will do business with non locals who want to become local!!ad

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Having just got back from Limassol where we did some property searching I was amazed to see the new villas (eg Athansiou) that had the most ridiculous prices at £450CYP for a 3 bedroom small house or £650CYP for a 4 bedroom with very little land. The thing was they had nearly all been sold!!!!! I have read many reports about property slump, market saturation etc but these were obviously selling - and not just in central Limassol.So - can anyone tell me what the situation is? Is it over saturated?By the way if anyone has a friend of a cousin's mother in law who would love to help with house sales I am not interested! Niki

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Probably over-cooked subjects...but here goes. We have been here 7 weeks and are EU citizens who have not yet registered as 'aliens'!! How soon should we do this? We also thought we would wait until we had been here nrly 3mths before registering with local insurance office as until 3mths is up, we would still classed as UK residents and if we fell ill or worse we would still be eligible for NHS. We hold EHIC cards but I've seen a few posts about the E106 which I know we will need to get at some point. Do we need to get the E106 completed by UK then take it to the local insurance office along with our UK EHIC in order to get a Cypriot EHIC? Also, any advice on when it's best to sort out residency status, the process and the costs and documentation required in advance, as I've heard if you don't get it right it can mean repeat visits to immigration!!Jac

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Can any one help? I am after some help and information on how or if you can apply for the above. For a non EU member to obtain the Cyprus ID and become a Republican of Cyprus. I have lived here since 2004 I don't fancy speaking to immigration until I have a few more facts, in the past they have not been very helpful. I need to know if this is possible and how one would go about achieving this. Thank you H

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is cyprus changing over to the euro next year, if so would now be a good time to buy eurosstewart

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Hi Folks, Are there any of you already living in Cyprus who do not have Private Health Insurance and have had experience of the free health care? I've been led to believe that they are on a par to England, if not better. It seems that a lot of the ex pats are taking out Private Health Ins, however if they are entitled to free (I know its dependant on earnings) health care and it's good...what's the point? If someone has to see their Doctor say on a monthly basis and has repeat prescriptions what is the procedure. Is it as straight forward as it is in the UK or do you have to,(as I have heard) queue up for hours in the General for a prescription? Regards Maria

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I have just come back from cyprus need more information on why you are not given your title deeds when first buying and is this normalconsidering a move to cyprus

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