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I am considering buying a beach bungalow for investment near Pervolia. Its in a complex off the beach (close but not on the water :)The return appears good now that it is new and shiny, but I wonder how would things be in 10 years time? Pervolia seem to be over-built and holiday homes abound. Does anybody here have any direct experience of such an investment? I also worry that it will be hard to sell such a property in 10-20 years once it looks dated. Holiday rentals are different than regular rentals in a city, no?thanksnikos

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HiI am a UK resident currently living and working in Cyprus. Ihave an account with the Bank of Cyprus and have a sum of money which I wouldlike to invest in Euro denominated shares and funds (for all Eurozonecountries, not just Cyprus).I would like to utilise an online investment facility totrade in shares and funds, much like Hargreaves Lansdown in the UK. Is anyoneaware of such a facility?If not, then presumably I would have to resort to buyingshares and funds through my bank, or through a conventional stockbroker. Doesanyone have any suitable recommendations?Many thanks in anticipation of your assistance.

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Hi anybody know if the fifty percent discount still applies to 2018 deeds 

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I want move from cyprus.i have yellow slip and i work in cyprus

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Could anyone please tell me what private health care to use for my yellow slip.roughly what sort of prices on a yearly basis

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is there any public notary in famagusta area,maybe in paralimni?thank you

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Hello all,If possible, Could anyone shed some light please on the process of applying for MVIS3 - anyone come across this?Im a brit and my girlfriend is Russian (just moved to cyprus for work) although we been together for 2 years we still dont plan to get married- therefore since she has a 2 year in Cyprus and can only spend 90 days, we found that the option of extending her stay here is by applying for MVIS3.We have some documents gathered, there are few question marks on some of the documents. Anyone can help? 

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I am the Secretary of Paphos Third Age, an organisation providing Leisure and Educational Groups in the Paphos area. Nearly all our 800 members are UK Expats. We have always been careful to Register the club each year with the Paphos Municapility. Apparently the system is about to change, and amongst the new rules for Registration is one saying all Non-Cypriot members of a club must provide a copy of their passport and Residence Permit. This is clearly going to be impossible to collect with 800 members. My questions are these:1. Are there any other Expat dominated Clubs out there? Were you aware of this change of rule?2. Does anyone know if we have to take this new rule literally?3. What happens if we don't bother to Register the Club any more?Any comments or suggestions welcome

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I need to get some stones reset in a ring, can anyone suggest a reliable jeweller please? Preferably in Paphos.

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Hi I am buying a house in Paphos could anyone recommend a good lawyer   Thanks

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Hello all,I am currently residing in U.K but will be moving to Cyprus either in 2018 or 2019.I was born in England but I have an Irish passport (so still an E.U citizen after March 2019).I have heard that as part of the 'registration of aliens' the Cyprus immigration authorities will ask for proof of income. I will have a small residual income from stocks and shares but nothing apart from that so I will be looking for at least part time work.My thoughts are;   Logically if they are asking for proof of income, if I don't satisfy a minimum threshold income I could be denied the right to stay in Cyprus ? (Why else would they ask ?)This (to me) would seem bizarre as throughout the E.U provided there is no criminal record, the right to relocate and reside is granted without having to satisfy any local special conditions. It is not possible to show them anything other than a very minimal income until I have at least a part time job (how could I ?)  so on visiting the immigration office could they deny me the right of residence ?Thanks for your replies.John

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Can any one please give me some advice as to the best way to evict a tenant who has not paid any rent for the last 2 months ... he initially had a 6 month contract which expired about 6 months ago and as he had normally paid on time and seemed like a reasonable chap I didn't bother with a new contract and now he wont answer my calls or text messages although I know for a fact he is still living in the apartment. I know it was foolish not to sign the contract but whats done is done ! I have a mortgage on this apartment and the rent just about covers it so any advice would be very much appreciated as i am going to end up in serious financial difficulties if I do not sort this out quickly. Many thanks in advance

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Recently had issues with housing tenant. Sort advice from UK solicitor who has charged £800 (deducted from upfront payment of £1,000) for sending one short letter and one section 21 notice form. I had tried to cancel his services prior both by telephone (twice) and by email but he claims he sent the letter prior to going on holiday so didn't see my email.can anyone advise me on this matter as I feel helpless and have been completely had over by this guy!

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My wife (Israeli) and I (British) live in the Republic of Cyprus and recently married here. She initially was granted leave to remain in Cyprus with a Temporary Residence permit which expires soon, and we intend to apply for a Non-EU Spouse Visa as soon as possible. We want to avoid the administrative nightmare that we went through for the first visa - can any please provide any advice on the process? I have read both the official MOI website and independent legal websites which contradict each other, and are focused on new applicants (i.e. not those wanting to transfer from Temp residency to Spouse Visa). The form MEU2A states proof of relationship, marriage certificate, passport photos and 20Euros.Thanks in advance.(PS, if anyone wants advice on the former route then do ask)

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Hi all :-)just a quick question for anyone that may know the answer to this...When One is waiting for their Aliens Registration interview-that is, the 2 or so months from the time they tell you to come back with your documents etc;is one allowed to actually leave Cyprus during that "waiting" time ?i donot mean for the entire time, but for a part of it, at least...(i have not read anywhere that one cannot go overseas from Cyprus during such time, if on a EU passport, however i do understand that there may be varying interpretations...)regards,Tony.

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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows the list of people who have the authority to legally wed you in Cyprus. I know that you can do it in the Municipality, or Church, and alternatively these people can come from Municipality to hotels and venues to wed you.On the other hand, I know that some people get wed on boats and the boat captain weds them. My main question is that does anyone know if Mukhtar (Koinotarxis) has the authority of Wed couples in Cyprus?If yes, what are the conditions and things necessary?Thank you  :) 

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Does anyone know if there is an agency in Cyprus (similar to Experian in the UK) that runs credit checks please?

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