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I have lost my yellow slip (the original copy) and need to renew/get another one. I hope this issue isnt too hard to resolve. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hello I have two questions, if anyone is capable of answering them i will be very gratefull. a)I had a friend who lived in Cyprus illegaly, he got caught, sent back to his home country and now he is in stop list for entering Cyprus. Im wondering is there any way to get removed from the stop list? I mean my friend got a 5year restriction for entering Cyprus, is there any way to shorten that period or something? b)I heard about a partner visa which is provided to the civil partner or de facto partner of a resident or for example Cypriot citizen, in to the couple to in Cyprus. Does it exist in Cyprus?

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Has anyone successfully reclaimed miss sold PPI from a Cypriot bank?

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hi, i am Pakistani passport holder and i am living in Cyprus. my wife is EU citizen(Schengen). i have yellow slip (permanent residence card) from Cyprus immigration. do i need visa to enter UK?

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A lot remains unknown about the effect on expats of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union. Do you have a question for legal expert, Alex Danos, about the Brexit? Alex is Managing Partner at Danos & Associates.Just make sure you're signed in, then post your questions below.

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Can anyone recommend a good Cyprus based property lawyer who doesn't charge more than about 1% of the property value ?  (Preferably based in Paphos / Kato Paphos)  Thanks

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Is there any free advice bureau or human rights association in Cyprus?Actually my brother is in trouble in Cyprus. please help me how can any one guide him regarding this problem.my brother went there  in cyprus as student the home where he stay people misguide him and caught him and convince him to do marriage and take money from him.police catch them and now my brother is facing a charge of attempt to fake marriage.he just spent 24 days in cyprus after this all happen my brother was very new there he trusted on that boy who submit his admission there in cyprus but he was unaware of his bad nature and his greed he took a lot of money from my brother and ran away now my brother is on bail and the charge on him is attempt to fake marriage he is becoming a depression patient we want him back in pakistan.we all live in Pakistan no one of our family and friends live in Cyprus we are too much worried about my brother please we need help. 

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Hi there,just wondering if anyone has any experience or can recommend an agency/agent for Residence Permit Registration and Inland Revenue Registration purposes ?i have in a previous country used an agency for this, and therefore avoided the running around to the relevant departments, and also the painstaking wait for the permit; so i am hoping that someone is offering a similar service in Cyprus :-)many thanks in advance :-)

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Hi there,I understand that Capital Gains is exempt from income tax for securities such as shares etc,However, does that mean it is also exempt from Social Security ?Does anyone have experience with this ?Or does anyone know of an advisor or information service, which can provide the real answers to my questions ?many thanks in advance :-))

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Hello,I am an entrepreneur wishing to relocate to Cyprus since my wife is Cypriot by origin.Would anyone know of someone in similar situation that knows how easy is to acquire their citizenship ?Thanks for your help !

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hi! very urgent!!! cleaner needed for tomorrow  for few hours, 5 euro per hour. office is located close to Olympic Residences. 99123981 please call to arrange 

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Hi We are moving to Cyprus (Larnaca) in February and are opening a new but small Business We have been trying to organise with a Lawyer in Larnaca to set up the Business before we get there, we at first assumed it would be similar to the UK, but after research and discussions we have found it not to be as straight forward. We are looking for a one man band solicitor as we were told this would reduce costs, but all we ever seem to come across is consultants, we have been quoted by a local solicitor €4000 for initial set up of the Business, and have been told we will need to register for VAT straight away costing another €1500, then would have to see the Accountant every 3 months. I find it strange that "Rip Off Britain" Freshold for VAT is £82,000 and Cyprus €15,600 but yet Cyprus is very popular for people setting up a Business. So I suppose I am wondering if anyone has a small business in the Larnaca area and could please help in maybe finding a Solicitor and Accountant that comes reccommended, as our Business won't be earning mega money, we can't afford to get the on-going services of both the Solicitor and Accountant wrong. Any advice would be most grateful, thank you for taking your time to read this post. :)

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Can anyone recommend where we can get impatial advice, lady in question is self employed, had to give up work early due to complications with pregnancy.  is she entitled to both sickness and maternity benefit, any advice or recommendations appreciated. Has paid social for qualifying period we beleive. Thank you

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Does anyone know how or have any experience of lodging a debt against a legally formed complex committee for unpaid services fees against a service contract?

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A quick question, does anyone know if pre-nuptial agreements hold water in Cyprus?

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Looking for an Accountant in the Larnaca area to do a small amount of work.  Don't want a large company with expensive overheads just a qualified individual who can complete a very small, easy vat return.dmsltd@yahoo.co.uk

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hello, can anyone recommend an insurer for normal driving in the Larnaca area.  I've been to one insurer who wants me to provide 5 years' no claims bonus from the UK. Awkward for me as have to contact ex in UK.  Is this a standard requirement? What if I've never had a car insurance? Anyway, if anyone knows of an insurer who will keep things simple, I'd much appreciate it. Thanks. - See more at: https://www.angloinfo.com/cyprus/discussions/topic/2964154#sthash.DAYb1ggx.dpuf

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Hi all. I moved to Paphos from the UK in April and started work for a new restaurant in May. My employer has paid me for May, June, and July (by cheque, but with no payslip). He hasn't deducted Social Insurance and hasn't even registered me for Social Insurance despite me constantly telling him that he is legally required to do so. I can't get my Yellow Slip because of not being registered for S.I. Any advice from anyone? Can I register for S.I. myself or is it only the employer who can do it? Thanks.

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Usual story, Alpha Bank mortgage increased, property value decreased. Bank is offering to provide 'substantial discount' (I have asked what that may be) if I agree to transfer to a Euro mortgage. Anyone have any experiences/views on this? Thanks

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