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A lot remains unknown about the effect on expats of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union. Do you have a question for financial expert, Lou Cunningham, about the Brexit? Lou is a partner with Blevins Franks, international tax and wealth management professionals. Just make sure you're signed in, then post your questions below.

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I am considering setting up as a freelance graphic designer. How do I do that legally? 

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I was just wondering what other people's opinion was on UK leaving the E.U ?Do you think it would become significantly harder for UK nationals to relocate permanently to Cyprus ?Would one need a job offer before travelling and would one also need a visa ?Or would freedom of movement and relocation continue as before ?I posted these questions in the 'general' category 11 hours ago....but no response....odd considering the importance of the issue

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Hi all.. I'm looking for any kind of help please..Me and my girlfriend would like to move from UK to Cyprus.We have been working in UK for over 7 years. We used to live in Paphos so we have yellow slip and all the rights to stay there. My question is : are we able to get paid any unemployed benefits when we will arrive to Cyprus? as far as we know u can move to any EU country and get paid UB without any problems if you worked in previous country for more than 2 years constantly and all what you need is U1 form from country what u leave and register as unemployed in new country, hand in U1 form and after 2-3 months u should receive your benefits. Am I right?? Thank you so much for your help and time.

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The UK State Pension is paid worldwide. However, you will only get an increase every year if you live in:the European Economic Area (EEA), Gibraltar or Switzerlanda country that has a social security agreement with the UK that allows for cost of living increases to the State Pension.With UK leaving the E.U this annual increase will not be guaranteed (unless an agreement can be reached between UK Government and Cyprus.)If it can't then after ten years at 3% inflation the state pension will be only worth 73% of it's original purchasing power.   After 15 years just 63%.This is probably the most worrying aspect of U.K leaving the E.U.You can thanks the Euro-sceptics in the Tory party who kept calling for a referendum.  A referendum the people never asked for.https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/state-pensions-annual-increases-if-you-live-abroad/countries-where-we-pay-an-annual-increase-in-the-state-pension

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Some interesting info. on UK leaving the E.U here.......http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36619817(copy and paste link)

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As mentioned below, I am currently in the UK.UK is leaving the E.U and as I understand it, that could take up to two years to negotiate but it could be sooner.  When that happens I am presuming that the immigration requirements will become more demanding.With that in mind I have been wondering about 'heading off' that date by getting out to Cyprus, renting an apartment, applying for the yellow slip and then returning to the UK for a while to carry on working in UK while it's being processed.  Obviously I'd need an accommodation address for correspondence.Is it possible to legally return to the UK while the yellow slip application is being processed ?Are there any reasons for temporary return that the Cypriot authorities consider to be acceptable ?   ....and what would be the longest period back in the UK that they would consider acceptable ?Thanks

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I am currently in the UK but intend to relocate to Cyprus.   That could take a year or more.  UK has voted to leave the EU (disaster in my opinion).  It seems that it could take up to two years for UK to leave the EU but it could be a lot sooner if the UK government come to an agreement with the EU.In that case at the time of immigration into Cyprus I will be a non-EU citizen and have to apply for residency as such. With regard to non-EU nationals there is an immigration category listed thus -Category CPersons who intend to work as self employed in a trade or profession in the Republic, provided that they have in their possession a relative permit, they have fully and freely at their disposal the required capital and that such an employment should not affect negatively the general economy of the Republic.Does anyone happen to know what is considered to be "the required capital" ?I would be doing paintings and sculptures which does not require much capital so I was wondering if there is a minimum € figure ??Thanks

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Can anyone please advise on the process and documents required for arranging an extended (greater than 3 months) visitors visa for a non-EU citizen.  I am a British citizen working in the SBA with an Israeli fiancée (wedding not due until October 16).  We have a meeting with the Immigration official in Limassol in a couple of weeks - they have stated the MVIS3 form is needed.  The documents listed are a bit vague.  Has anyone gone through the same procedure before?  In particular, the issues are with:1. Original letter of guarantee issued by a bank or cooperative institution in Cyprus with validity of 10 years covering possible repatriation expenses. The amount depends on the country of origin.She now has a bank account here in Cyprus.  What exactly is this guarantee?  And how much money does she need in the account?2. Title deed or rental agreement of a house/apartment duly certified by the relevant president of the community (mukhtar).We have a legal contract with our private landlord, will this be good enough?3. Proof of stable or adequate income deriving from sources other than employment (i.e. pension, bank account's statement, interest from deposits, dividends etcShe has sufficient money in her Israeli bank account – does it need to be transferred to the Hellenicbank account?4. Certificate from a banking institution in Cyprus or a bank account statement proving swifts from abroadIs there are a minimum amount for the transaction?5. Declaration of the hosting person for a suitable place of residence (where applicable)May I “host” her at our Kolossi home as the EU citizen with employment rights?6. Declaration of assumption of the expenses by a person or institution (where applicable).  In cases where the declaration of assumption of the expenses is made by a person, proof of adequate income must be submitted for that personIs it possible for me to be her guarantor/host if I provide proof of salary from work?Many thanks in advance, it is a lot of information but any help is appreciated.

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Can anyone suggest a good currency exchange company to use on an ongoing (monthly) basis?

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My husband and I own our home in Cyprus however, we are considering returning to the UK to live and work. In turn, we would put our Cyprus home on the market as a long term rental.I understand that any rental income is taxable. Does anyone know what the rate of the tax is? The house is in joint names.We will be using this rental income to rent a house in the UK.Thank you.

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Must you register yourself to rent an apartment in Cyrpus to holiday makers or can anyone do it? I presume any rental income is subject to tax? (At income tax rate?)Not that I would ever do it, but if it's not declared how likely are the authorities to find out and, if they do, what are the penalties?

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Can anybody tell me if I need any documents ie visa if I stay in Cyprus for exactly a year, if I do where I can I obtain this from or do I need it before we go. thanks

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I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me.I have recently rented a flat in Larnaca for a few weeks holiday. On returning home I have contacted the owner who has told me that because I broke lots of things including lightbulbs(!) that my deposit of €400 is being retained.I did not break anything and it is cleaner now than it was when I got there.Can I get my money back? The owner seems to live in the UK...

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Hi,I am applying for my Yellow slip with my wife and son and i am told i have to have my Marriage certificate and sons Birth certificate Apostled.Does anyone know where i can get this done and does anyone else had this issue.

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Hi, anyone else out there a victim of the LM Managed Fund debacle, now being terminated by Hollingsworth failing payment of 200 euros? Anyone think this is them just trying to get out of representing us and washing their hands of the whole incident? I long since gave up any realistic hope of ever getting any of our money back, but at least I felt we had some semblance of togetherness until now (I am totally unlikely to throw more good money after bad). I am surprised I have never come across any mention of this outside of the Hollingsworth communications, should they not be held responsible in any way? Any views appreciated, particularly from other victims. Thanks.

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Hi, Can any one advise me on the best bank to deal with in Cyprus, I am looking for one that has a UK branch and has up to date and efficient on line banking facilities that can be set up from the UK

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Hi, My wife and I are both British and UK passort holders and are thinking about becoming resident in Cyprus. My wife does not work and I work for a foreign company which has no interests in Cyprus which means I would be abroad for much of the year. Do I have to actually be in Cyprus 184 days a year to be resident or is there some leeway on this? I work internationaly and am away upto 3 months at a time. My wife would split her time between Cyprus/Spain and UK. We intend to become resident in Cyprus and pay tax there, will the authorities really be bothered about counting 184 days when they are receiving tax from us? Does anyone have any experiences or can offer any advice please. Thanks in advance Rob

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Hi,I am moving to Cyprus in 7 weeks and will be self employed. I have work lined up with an English company that is based in the UK. I will be paying tax in Cyprus (have already spent a lot of time looking into this!) but cannot find a self employed registration form in English anywhere. I have found it in Greek but I cannot read or write in Greek and obviously want to get this sorted now before I move. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello  I am married  to Hungarian in Cyprus 3 years ago I have yellow slip, i want to travel to my wife's country to see my wife because she has health problem.so please somebody can give me advise , it's possible that I can go to Hungary without visa.  Thanks  hari

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