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Hello, Please, will someone recommend a lawyer in the Limassol area who can deal with the sale (contracts etc) of our house? We are looking for an efficient lawyer who will only charge reasonable fees. - thanks.

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Hi all. I wonder if any of you can give me your opinion on this. I am a UK national and I come to work and live in Cyprus each year for 8 months (March - Oct). I then return to the UK for the winter. As I am only working & living temporarily each time, I've had no problem with residency or working restrictions. How do you think I might be affected if Britain decides to leave the EU? Would I face all sorts of immigration/work permit problems as a non-EU national, even though I am only residing/working for 8 months each year. All comments appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi, my name is Sara and I live n Paphos. I`m looking for a good lawyer who understands criminal law and speaks good english.If you have any recommendations,please let me know.

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When a car has two names on the Log Book and one person dies, does the car become the property of the living person or does the car have to be sold so that half the cost can go to the dead person's estate?

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My question is directed to people who have information about visa regulations for Cyprus  Do people with Schengan visa in passport ,still need to have a CYPRUS visa ? Can people  come directly to cyprus if they have Schengan visa in there passport or they have to come through a Schengan country ? initially  Cyprus is not a Schengan country (Greek is Schengan)  Please reply  kind regards malgudi

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Hello can any one assist me. My Developer has given us the AX number we require to start the process of purchasing our Deeds. Do we have to have engage a Lawyer for this process ir can wedo it with out one ...many thanks  

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hi I know this topic was covered. Barclays forcibly closure the bank accounts of Cypriot residents. however I managed to extend my date to end November and at present it is still active. did anyone else experience the continuation of their account ? If so for how long?  

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Hi, has anyone had any success in reclaiming Defence Tax under the new law passed in July 2015? When my Fixed Account statement for 3 months up to end October 2015 still had Defence Tax deducted, I asked my bank how to get this stopped and I got the usual "Cyprus shrug" and a curt "Ask at main branch at end of year". So today I went to the main branch and the girl serving denied all knowledge, as I expected, but she did refer me to a chap who admitted knowing about the new law, but said it was nothing to do with the bank, and to go to Government Office, which I assume he meant the Tax Office. However, I have claimed on my Tax return for 5 years now for a rebate because I have a low income so should have only paid 3% Defence Tax, but have never had anything paid back to me. I am surprised no one seems to be talking about this issue, even on here, because as usual they try to get out of everything by giving us the runaround until we just give up. Any advice welcome......Nigel Howarth!!!

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Does anyone have suitable wording for a codicil, to make a declaration that we wish the laws of our nationality (British) to apply to the distribution of our assets in Cyprus – which will mean that the Cypriot laws on forced heirship will not apply.

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does anybody know if its possible to do a bank transfer from a cyprus bank to a uk bank if you can do you pay in euro or sterling thanks kath

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Hi  We paid property tax back in 2013 to the developer leptos at there main office in paphos while we were back in the UK . We came to live in our apartment in 2015 and found out we don't have to pay the tax as we are under the limit and our place is in both our names as we have been to the property tax office my question is can we claim back  that money from leptos. I know Nigel is very knowledgeable on these situations. Thank  you trav    

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I am working out the defence tax I have to pay on my interest received on my accounts outside Cyprus. I am looking for the rate of exchange for 2015 tax year. Then I can convert the sterling interest into Euros. Does any one know?

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Hi all I was wondering if anyone could help me. I need some papers notarized by the mukhtar but I have no idea who or where he is. I live in Larnaca Faneromeni area. Any help would be really appreciated!

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Hi - does anyone know how I can get power of attorney for a family member for a flat we own in cyprus. Would like them to take care of anything we might be needed for in person. ThanksJK 

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 hi does any one knows  about MEU 3 .

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Looking for a recommended English speaking lawyer in Limassol needed to stamp papers for the bank. Papers are in Greek and so I must take to a lawyer to sign. If you can recommend anyone please let me know.

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We have now got our title deeds,  our solicitor has paid our IPT taxes to land registry, we have paid our community tax and cleaning tax to Kouklia council and have now received from them a property tax bill for €50 one for my husband and one for myself what is this for?   will there be any other ta,des to pay?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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I know that 100 percent a cypriot national can travel for example to Greece on a EU identity card, but can a british citazen travel with one to the U.K. i think the answer is probably NO but im just asking because my passport has run out.

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I own a house in Cyprus but for work reasons I have had to leave ..it is my one and only property ..does a UK will pass in accordance to the cyprus law ...or does any one know and has used a solicitor called Marion cannot think of her surname . look forward to any advice you can give me .

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I know this might sound creepy but since death is unavoidable and has a direct link to life I would like to know what are the options regarding funeral for a non religious person (i.e. non Christian or non Muslim in case of Cyprus)? basically I know that there is no crematorium in Cyprus and cremation abroad is not an option so I was wondering if the diseased person did not want to have a Christian/Muslim ceremony (actually no ceremony at all) and did not want to be buried in religious cemeteries, can all of the above be skipped, can a person be buried on his own property/plot of land if this is his/her wish in the will?; are there other burial places for these cases? In addition I was wondering can someone make a ‘living will’ where he/she can specify what are his/her wishes in case of critical health situation i.e. comma, ‘significant’ brain or vital organ damage? Where the person cannot communicate and express what he/she would like to be done in such cases. Thank you in advance  

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