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I read a thread in this forum about setting up business /self-employment in Cyprus and how bad it is and how someone must pay vat registration 2000/year blabla, and someone even suggested its wiser to set the business legally in uk not cyprus even if operating it in cyprus. About the latter, can someone advice if its really a better option and why?   Thanks  

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What are the rights for consumers here in cyprus when it comes to  a new electrical product  that, upon getting home, find its not working properly. Is the shop entitled to say they will repair and return it or can I demand a new item or a refund?

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For a limited company in Cyprus how long after the first financial year do the authority's give you to send in your accounts before they start chasing? Thanks. David

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Hi everyone, Looking to exchange some euros for Thai Baht. Can anyone recommend anywhere without a huge conversion rate? Thanks in advance.

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I am seeking advice regarding the new law on title deeds. We purchased our property 10 years ago and have not received our title deeds. Our developer has told us again that they will be available shortly and not to apply for them under the new legislation. As I understand it if we apply then we are entitled to a 50% reduction in the transfer fees and a further 10% if this is completed before the end of 2016. Does this still apply if we wait for the developer? Also if we go ahead ourselves is there any downside for the developer?  In addition I would interested in any comments from people who have been throught this new process. I assume that it is not quick. Thanks.

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I don't know if this is the right forum to ask this question. I am an dual UK/New Zealand citizen, but my wife is a New Zealand citizen only. I asked the Cypriot embassy in Canberra for help, but the guy on the other end didn't sound too sure. We we're planning to spend nine months in Cyprus and to arrive together and apply for a residency card for my wife on the basis of the fact that she is married to me, We have an apostilled copy of our marriage licence translated into Greek and have applied for a letter form the NZ police saying that she has no criminal record. Is there anything else that we need to do? What are the chances of her being accepted after we arrive?

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I am considering erecting a balcony to the rear of my villa. The property has title deeds but I wondered if this work would be subject to planning consent from  local municipality. My neighbors have no objections and the rear of the villa backs on to open fields to the sea. Any advice would be much appreciated.  

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Hi all. If anyone knows the answer I would be very grateful. Does a  non-EU citizen who has lived and worked in Cyprus for 13 years need to be married to a EU national in order to get a yellow-slip and work visa? My 'partner' is Russian and is currently still married to her UK husband (but separated and going through a divorce). Her divorce will take some time to finalise and her current yellow slip will expire before then. She is worried that she won't be able to renew her yellow slip but I am thinking that after being resident & working in Cyprus for so long she will be ok as a single non-EU citizen? I've had so much conflicting into from lawyers that I thought I would post on here. Many thanks. Ian.

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I understand that our Uk Will does not cover our Best regards Tim estate in Cyprus. Has any one got advice for us with regards to a good solicitor, the costs incurred or any pit falls that we may encounter as I have heard night mare stories about having to pay hidden amounts to a solicitor afte rthe loss of a spouse.

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M y wife and I are joint owners of our apartment, do we have to apply jointly or individueally thank you 

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There has a new law been passed which exempts non-domiciled but resident expats (i. e. those who haven´t been living in Cyprus for more than 17 years)  from the defense contribution on their income from non-Cypriot sources (details here: http://www.ey.com/Publication/vwLUAssets/CyprusTaxAlert-2015/$FILE/2015G_CM5570_Cyprus-introduces-Notional-Interest-Deduction-regime-and-non-domiciled-rules.pdf ).  Does anybody have knowledge / experience on this? Can somebody recommend a tax consultant who doesn´t charge an arm and a leg to provide more detailed information?

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I need to talk to a person experienced with issues involving income both in the UK and Cyprus and what's the best way to deal with it. Can you recommend anybody, preferably in the Larnaka area? thanks

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Dear all, We have been paying the Limassol Property tax every year for the the past decade (and longer).We receive two bills, one in each of our names. We pay both. Last month, we received a bill stating that for one account the property tax for 2014 and 2015 is due. For the second account, the bill stated that we need to pay property tax for every year since 2001! (14 years!). I have uploaded a copy of the bill here: http://snag.gy/NIeR0.jpg My first instinct was to contact the tax office however I am worried because I only have recceipts for the past 2 years. I never thought I'd need to keep decades worth of receipts as I paid every year and each year the bills did not mention that I was in arrears. My question is, has anybody recevied a similar bill stating erroneously that years worth of property tax have not been paid? Any other ideas as to how to handle this situation? Thank you!  

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for the past few years our neighbours have been parking their petrol/diesel lorries (as many as three at a time) on our small street overnight and outside the empty bungalow next door to us.  The council gave us a lovely new road over a year ago which I am sad to say is slowly being covered in diesel oil due to the leakage from the tankers.  Also my husband couldn't have his breakfast outside last week because of the smell from the spillage . What is the law in Cyprus regarding the overnight storage of these huge lorries? 

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Hi there, New to the forum so I was hoping for some advice if possible. I am visiting my sister in Cyprus this week who lives here and I rented a quad bike. The bike rental included a helmet and have way through the day the chin strap broke. I was caught in coral bay wearing the helmet with the chin strap undone and was given a ticket. I explained and showed the officer the strap was broke and he said he didn't care. I was issued a ticket after showing my passport. Rather upset I took this up with the scooter rental shop who showed no sympathy for my position so off I went resigned to the fact I had to pay it. The office stated if I did not I would have problems leaving the country. On closer inspection of the ticket it would appear the officer has not registered any of my licence details only my name and passport number. The passport no is also incorrect, it's a digit out. The question is, if the passport no is wrong, can they still force me to pay it or hold me in the country if technically the ticket has not be served to my valid I'd no? Thank you for any comments, not trying to get out of anything but curious to know what I face when I arrive to leave the country.

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Hi all. I am a UK national and live with my partner in Paphos. My partner (who is Russian) is now able to apply for Cypriot Citizenship due to the length of time she has worked and lived in Cyprus. We have been advised that the process is quite lengthy (as expected) but one of the documents she needs is a letter of confirmation from the police to confirm that she is of good character (no criminal record, etc). Have any of you ever gone through this process and is it a case of just turning up at Paphos central police station and filling out a form? I have a feeling it will be a bit more complicated than that!! All help/advice appreciated. Thanks, Ian

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Hi I wanted to know if someone can advise how Human rights work in Cypus. Thursday night I bought my son a phone from Kleima for his birthday. Friday was his birthday so last night when we had his party I gave him the phone. He tried putting his old things into the memory card of the phone wouldnt accept it. This morning I took the phone back and the girl tried putting another memory card and said the phone doesnt accept the card so she has to send it away to be fixed. I told her I want a new phone and that she should have checked this yesterday when selling it to me as Im not technical with phones ,she said she cant give me one she would still have to send it away to be fixed. Regardless if she sends it or not I dont want it. Why should my son have to wait 1 or 2 weeks to get a phone fixeed that I bought 1 day ago. They sold me a broken phone so surely there are right here. I know for a fact back in UK you can not sell someone a broken good and I know Kleima does not ammend memorie card, as I read this after on a sheet that was stapled to the back of the receipt but its obvious the phone was not good and not the card. Does anyone know what happens here. Kleima has a bad reputation for selling good that are broken especialy electrical stuff but I thought being a phone it would not have had a problem.

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hi everybody...I have been living as "retired" in Cyprus for 2 years. I have now secured a job. Can anybody please advice how and where I get a Work Permit? I live in Peyia.  Thanks 

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Hello does anybody know how expats stand with this new law passed about wills. If I have got this correct it means only first son in a marriage receives majority of assets and if you have married twice and have children they are not included in any will. Also it appears that the first child can claim most assets before the spouse dies. I have heard you can make a codicil but does that mean you are then taxed by uk law. I would appreciate if anybody can clarify this. Thank you Linda

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hi can any one help, just about to have title deeds released  , and a neiighbour said she read  somewhere that the government had pass a bill , halving the title deed cost , is any foundation in her statement . Thanks 

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