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I would be interested to hear from anyone who invested money with this UK based company which operated out of Limasdol until 2013.

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My car was hit from behind as I was changing lane.  The other driver was speeding from 4-5 cars behind me.  When I checked my mirror it was safe to change lane but the other car suddenly turned up with huge speed and hit my car from behind.   His insurer made an offer to fix my car and paid for my injuries last week and I accepted their offer.  Today they changed their mind and they said it was my fault as I was changing lane.  Has anyone got the same experience?  Does anyone know a good lawyer for this type of accident?  I need a lawyer based in Nicosia.  My insurer is useless, they said they don't know any lawyer who can deal with this.  I'll appreciate for your advice.

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hi, can anyone help me with the minimum income guarantee. We are a couple without children and both unemployed. What are the criteria for a couple to apply for MIG. I read a lot about if you have children but what about a couple without childrem. can anybody help please?  thank you

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Could anyone please advise what steps i can take to find out whats happening with my title deeds. The property was bought and paid for in 2007 and for the last few years have been told by the developer that they are in the final stages with the land registry. Any help would be most grateful.

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Do banks in Cyprus have safes? Just need a small safe to put a few documents. Thanks

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hi to all,previously discussed but now it is happening to us. letter from barclays uk stating our account will be closed from 16 th september !! and we must make alternative arrangements. now mid july, not really a lot of time.has anyone successfully opened an account where uk monies are paid in. we have b.o.c. account but have small pensions and uk rental paid in uk, would prefer a sterling account for these. thanks to the community.

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Just had a thought (put  it down to age). We have been paying our mortgage, first with Laiki and now transferred to BoC for a few years and have often commented on the seemingly high interest rate compared to the UK for a while. I mentioned this to the BoC branch last Summer and was told that rates would probably come down by the end of the year. Of course no actual year was mentioned. My question is, we look round for a better deal every few years here in the UK but have never thought about it in Cyprus, is it possible to get a better rate anywhere or are we stuck with BoC dominance?  

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will cyprus continue using the euro?

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I have had my pension paid into my RBS account for many years and been a loyal customer of them for many years I also have a Natwest account in the UK. Today I have received a letter from both banks stating they are closing my accounts in 60 days, the reason is Quote "RBS has decided that, at the core of it's personal banking stratergy, it will aim to be a mass-market UK bank for personal customers. Accordingly, we have recently taken the decision to discontinue providing banking services to customers who do not use us as their main bank and reside in certain overseas countries." As my address is in Cyprus they will close my account in 60 days. I have contacted them by phone and was told this is their business decision and will go ahead, well thanks for nothing Natwest and RBS. Not doom and gloom as I will survive as now transfered my pensions to Cyprus accounts. I wonder if they have looked and seen how much money will leave them, or perhaps if you have the odd million in the bank they want to keep you so they can pay the execs the huge wages.

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I know of many expats that are returning to the UK owing money, will they be chased for this or will their guarantors have to pay?

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Can anyone recommend an excellent solicitor who can help us get our Title Deeds. We bought the property 10 years ago (re-sale) and our solicitor has dragged his heels ever since.  We are now desperate to get this sorted as we want to sell up.  Thank you

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hi to all. we live near kings mall paphos and need to find a certifying officer local to us. if anyone can help, maybe an idea of costs as well. thank you

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Hi everyone! Does anyone have heard anything about the Rent to Buy or Rent to Own scheme in order to buy a property in Limassol?   Is it available? Any developer that offered something like that?   Regards

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I rent a place and just received a bill for sewerage tax that is shown as calculated as % of the value of the place in 1980.   In the rental agreement I see no specific mentioning of sewerage tax. I am supposed according to contact to pay for used services, water, electricity , garbage removal which of course make sense. Now I have also noticed that every water bill I receive includes some amount for use of sewage system. So, before calling my Cypriot landlord who will undoubtedly insist I have to pay it, I'd like to know if someone has experience in these matters, who would be legally liable  to pay for this sewerage tax bill? Many thanks in advance!

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Can any one help, I have just received a demand for 32,000 euros from my developer, he is also asking for other expenses, but as yet hasn't said how much these are, he said the I need to go to the tax office with form T318 to pay the demand. I do not have my title deeds yet, have waited nearly 7 years.  Can any one advise, just can't pay this  I'm at my wits end.      

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I wonder if someone could give me some information regarding being sold an incorrect spare part by a shop in Limassol.  The drive belt on my upright Hoover snapped and I took it with me to get a replacement.  The guy in the shop assured me that the one he sold me was the correct one but, when I went to fit it, I found that it was too small.  What are my rights when I take it back to the shop?  Can I just ask for my money back and go somewhere else to get the correct part?  I would appreciate any information.  Thanks.

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Just a warning to others - I went to the Citizen's Centre today to renew my Medical Card (took my Yellow Slip, 2011 Tax Return, proof of Social Insurance payment as self-employed etc) - and to my dismay was refused any form of Medical Card and told to apply in the UK for my EHIC (having been resident here for 36 years and not having a UK address - this is going a bit of a problem). One of the reasons given was that based on the amount of Social Insurance I pay (which is set by the Ministry of Finance) - I am earning over €18k per annum (I wish) - and they added my husband's UK State Pension on to MY income - making me ineligible for any subsidised health care (under the new guidelines).  My Income Tax return (duly stamped) shows a different picture altogether - but although that was accepted as "proof of income" previously, apparently it is now based on Social Insurance paid.   I have to take my accounts to Social Insurance, and apply for a further reduction, then re-apply for a  Medical Card - which may, or may not, be granted. The EHIC issue is totally baffling me, my husband did not receive one via the UK Pensions Service when he retired - and apparently they have to be applied for via a special form AFTER Cyprus have verified he is eligible for healthcare based on his UK pension.  We never received such a form (even though he has his "white card", and have spent 2 days trying to get any sense from the UK. I have been resident here for 36 years, I am not of Pension age, and paying Social Insurance so why would I be refused a new EHIC issued in Cyprus? Can any-one recommend any experts in the Limassol or Polis area that can help us sort this mess out please?      

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A friend of mine was punched in the face and thrown across the floor yesterday in Larnaca because she asked her tennant why he has not paid his rent for 2 months. She went to the hospital and police came after 2 hours, they simply told the tennant off with a warning. The lady is 71 years old.  The police told her that they can not help her she needs to see a lawyer. Im still in shock.

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Does anyone think that Cyprus will leave the EU if Greece leaves the EU ? What would the implications be for immigrants ? Or will Greece just leave the Eurozone and stop using the Euro ?

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Hi All, Does anyone know of a good solicitor in Paphos who deals with divorce, and who also speaks English and Russian? Masny thanks. Ian

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