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I have just read an article in the Crete news letter about a new announcement by the Department of works and pensions ( DWP ) that in 2013 British pensioners overseas would have to notify the DWP  once every 2 years  to prove they were not dead, they must povide a signed statement, known as a LIFE CERTIFICATE upon request within 16 weeks or there state pension could be stopped. This applies to countries that do not automatically share data about deaths with the UK.  Does Cyprus?  Has anyone had any info on this?   

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Hello all, I will be relocating to Paphos soon and I was wondering what is the best way to buy an apartment in Cyprus if my funds are in pounds sterling and here in the UK ?Are the majority of sellers British ? Assuming the seller has a UK bank account I would presume that the easiest way would be to do the transfer from my UK bank account to their UK bank account ??     I've been told two seemingly conflicting things by a Paphos estate agent.   1. That all sales in Cyprus have to be in Euros   2.  That sales done as described above (UK bank account to UK bank account) ARE possible. If the sale has to be done strictly in Euros I am rather concerned that I would lose out in the conversion of my funds from Pounds sterling into Euros ?? , i.e cost me more in Pounds (unless the average 'base' conversion rate is used for the sale) ?? Has anyone had experience with this problem ?    What is the best way (without losing out) ? Many thanks, John

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having to buy a hedge trimmer for my work, i happened to stumble on what looked like a good hedge trimmer in la diy. i bought it, and within an hour i was ready to start it, but the cord stuck as i tryed for first time to get it going.i toke it back and asked for my money back as i could see it was not good. he refused to give me my money back and said he would repair it. yes he did repair it, but surely i have the right to ask for my money back. homebase return your money and why shouldnt la diyoh yes and one other thing it is made for left handed person, but i wasnt worried about thisdo these people make up the rules as they go along, if i am not happy i should have my money back

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Does anyone kow how I go about registering a business in Cyprus and how I get VAT Reg No? Angela

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Beware. I have received a 100 euro fine from the tax office , this is for , they say not returning my tax  assesment in the given time, Taking into consideration  that I have been resident in Cyprus for 18 years, and have never been warned before , who is to say that they have not  misplaced  my return.they lost my 2012 assesment  which reappeared out of the blue  I placed an objection about the 2014 fine , but to no avail, they say that this is my fault and I have to pay up.To me the system is  all wrong ,they send you your assesment with a little prepaid envolope you fill in the form return it to the tax office in the prepaid envolope via the post office , That is the last time that you have proof that it has been forwarded to the tax office,  where  have I gone wrong to warrent a 100 euro fine , and have I a case not to pay up, which is how I feel at the moment.  

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help guys, i am in a very frustating situation. i got married in Limassol Municipality in 2010 and my name is wrong. They dont want to modifie my marriage certificate because....,,is imposible. The problem is that i can not register my marriage in my contry because is not correct. I went to the cort hoping that  a jugde decision will help but they sent me back to the mair. They are sending me from one to another. from my ambassy to the municipality of Limassol, from them to my Ambassy..... did anybody know this situation? please help me!!!!  

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Can anyone recommend a 'no win no fee' solicitor in Paphos or Limassol please?

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Hello, I am consideng a relocation to Paphos or Limassol    Does anyone have an idea as to how much the I.P.T  (immovable property tax)  would be on a property bought now for  105,000 -  115,000 euros ??   .....and I know it varies from district to district but roughly how much the Local Community Tax  ('village tax' ?)  would be ??   Thanks  

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I know that I have to visit the Ministry of Interior with my documentation, passport etc, but do I need to complete any other forms before travelling to Nicosia ? Any relevant information regarding the marriage procedure gratefully received :-)

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Hi, Does anyone know the Cypriot law regarding landlords and tenants.   I have been renting a property for 20years, and my contract expired 19years ago.  My landlord refuses to do any repairs and maintenance.  What are my rights as a tenant. Thanks

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Dear Lawyers, I would appreciate you for help with the question below. In perfomance of the Share purchase agreement my company transacted shares to the Purchaser (a Cyprus company). However, the Purchaser breaks the contract - he doesn't make a money transfer for more than a year since he was obliged to do so. Acording to the Cyprus Law, is it possible for Seller to rescind the contract by a written notice and sue the Purchasor in order to get the shares back, or it is neccesary to ask for rescission by court first?  I would highly appreciate if you could respond as soon as possible.    Kind regards, Anastasia 

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i started the process of having dentures 9 months ago, a well known practice in peyia was assigned to this job. they toke out 11 teeth which was broken, but failed to take out two teeth at back that i have now found to be rotton. these rotton teeth was pressing against nerve of ear, causing severer pain to my ear and all the left side of jaw. i went through this pain for all winter months.i am going to blue cross to remove two rotton teeth.my question is though, why should i have payed up front all this money, when they have shown negligence in the care of me?i have to go back to have impressions taken for dentures, but i wont be setting foot in this practice again, simon

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Hi, does anyone know when people will start hearing the verdicts on this benefit, i mean how long we will have to wait for an answer, ive tried phoning and cant get through

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Hello everyone. During my 12 month stay in Paphos, I might do some work (I've had a few offers), and I have been advised that I need a 'Yellow Slip'. I want to be  'legal' and I've tried accessing various links to Yellow Slip applicaton forms (MEU1?) but all are either out of date or obselete. Please can anyone help with this? All help/advice appreciated as always. Thanks, Ian.

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There is a petition to stop the banks repossesing our homes in cyprus!.Please ,if you understand the situation how a family with this problem is going through hell ,Please sign the petition .Thanks to all who really understand .              The petition is in.  avaaz.org community petitions    ( i dont know how to put the attachement)

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I would like to have my identity confirmed for some legal documentation, what is the going rate for this sort of process ? I`m in Limassol, any recomendations ?

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To: AngloINFO Cyprus       In 2001 I bought a flat in Nicosia for C£50000 and paid fully for it straight away. We drew a purchase agreement which I did not lodge with the Land Registry office at the time, but had it officially stamped some years later on.  Despite the fact that I was told by the developer at the time of purchase that the title deeds would have been issued within weeks, they were issued last year and after their income-tax issues were eventually cleared we tried to execute the transfer last week. The stamp duty based on the purchase price of C£50000 would have been just over 2500 euros, but because I couldn't also produce a certified receipt together with the contract they estimated the value of the property by the 2011 rates at 160000 euros demanding over 6000 euros in stamp duty.   Any suggestions as to how to deal with this would be most appreciated.

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Is it possible to register online as self-employed  in Cyprus? Searching the various government websites all I can find is information in registering a company. At least for the time being I'd prefer to be self-employed. Can anyone recommend a government link with the necessary information? Many thanks. David

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I was working and then got made unemployed. Have been recieving social payments for 6 months but have been told they have stopped now. Have also been told that I am not entitled to any other payment. So, in Cyprus, do people only recieve 6 months of money and then what do they live of ??? That is my question. Thank you for any help or enlightenment on this subject. (if you go to any other European country you get unemployment benefit - especially UK)

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I have a friend who has been a regular visitor to Cyprus for a number of years now and last year met and fell in love with a Philippino lady, who he now wants to marry here in Cyprus, can anyone help with information of how he may go ahead and what would the implications be once her current employment visa expired? He is a EU passport holder.

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