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I have gone into numerous supermarkets/shops trying to find candy canes but I have not found any. If anyone knows where there are candy canes in Limassol please let me know.Thank you,Algis Smith

started by: Natarajan-Rajinder-969755 · last update: 1599082189 · posted: 1599082189

Dear..I'm from India and planning to move to Cyprus mostly Nicosia.. Is it a good option to open a Indian Grocery Shop or specialty Street food counter.Your guidance will be highly helpful, thanks..RegardsRaj..

started by: Alexander-Modestou-967684 · last update: 1597678203 · posted: 1596565877

HelloDoes anyone know where I can either buy some organic grass fed beef or a restaurant that services organic grass fed beef ? Thank you 

started by: MIDEC · last update: 1593793985 · posted: 1311925053

Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere in Limassol (prefered) or Cyprus where i can get beer & wine home brewing equipment and ingredients, there are not many things i miss, but a good pint of real ale is one of them, so any help would be good, and i can get experimenting with recipe's. Thank you.

started by: IanfromShropshire · last update: 1586259227 · posted: 1516539451

Hi all. Does anyone know where I might be able to buy ordinary double cream in Kato Paphos. All suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.

started by: IanfromShropshire · last update: 1586258886 · posted: 1520664580

Hello, can anyone advise me if there are any Polish food shops in Paphos, or shops that stock a good range of Polish food products? Thanks.

started by: Olga_1111 · last update: 1523268943 · posted: 1340637611

Dear ALL, Could sbd advise me any nice cooking clasess, corses or workshops in Limassol, or if there are any great ones, which worse to drive, then wherever :) Im intrested in internation, as local cuisine. Thanks! Olga

started by: nm0113 · last update: 1512242794 · posted: 1512242794

Hello !!Do you know any place in cyprus selling sugarcraft products except Pergamos.?

started by: TheCabin · last update: 1510760276 · posted: 1510760276

Hello, Any good place in Germasogeia, Limassol area to eat out?

started by: pkb1 · last update: 1506416614 · posted: 1506416614

Just thought i would write this review as i was so impressed! went to Anavagos Grill House (old Anavagos Taverna) what a difference!I couldnt fault anything...scrupulously clean, friendly staff, nothing too much trouble, the best chicken i have had since being here (9 yrs) comprehensive menu plus a 10 euro special menu, definitely now one of our 'go to' favorite places

started by: MelM · last update: 1503567667 · posted: 1335710739

Can anyone tell me where we might be able to buy 'Vegemite'from in Paphos? Thanks in advance :)

started by: Tsiakkas · last update: 1495214000 · posted: 1493877962

Can anyone comment on the service/quality at this Taverna recently? I understand that Ariadne was due to retire some time ago.Is the standard the same as before?

started by: Demetra-665653 · last update: 1491402797 · posted: 1426156366

Hi - does anyone know where I can buy green tea powder?  I have called many organic stores but have had no luck.     Thank you!

started by: James-Mcfarlane-895163 · last update: 1489252574 · posted: 1489107137

Thinking off living in cyprus an starting an tea shop for cakes an home made pies

started by: AndrewMoni · last update: 1483650033 · posted: 1481887287

Does anyone know anywhere where I can buy sponge puddings - chocolate, treacle, jam, anything - tinned Heinz or packaged any way in the LIMASSOL area.  Been looking high and low and just cannot find anywhere.  Preferably microwaveable.

started by: Debs in Cyprus · last update: 1479978444 · posted: 1478864910

Hi there people,I am opening a coffee shop/bar in my village and I need to find a cheese distributor that sells non-cypriot cheeses ie brie, chilli cheese etc at reasonable rates. Anyone have any info, it would be gratefully received! i didn't realise just how difficult it was to find here!!

started by: Lucy-Snowdon-876210 · last update: 1479313972 · posted: 1479313972

Does anyone know where you can buy non-alcoholic wine in/around Limassol?Thanks!

started by: Dingbat-695890 · last update: 1477720013 · posted: 1477720013

Can anyone tell me if there is any business in the Limassol area that supplies Meals on Wheels or similar, or anywhere that i can pick up complete meals for the freezer, thank you

started by: Natalie-I-871340 · last update: 1476103515 · posted: 1475588008

Hi all, I bake cakes and was wondering if anyone knew of any cafes/shops that would be interested in having homemade cakes and desserts supplied to them?Thanks.

started by: Bertie Mac · last update: 1475824212 · posted: 1472204838

My son has recommended that I start eating Japanese food. I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure and this food is supposedly good for these things he tells me.I wonder if anyone knows of a good place in Larnaca that serves it and if you could recommend which raw fish tastes less bad that would be good too! Thanks.

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