Asian Stores in Cyprus

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Hi does anyone know of an Asian store in Cyprus which sells food/drinks/teas?  As much detail as possible would be appreciated!   Thanks


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That's a very very broad question!

Are you asking as a customer, or as someone who may want to set up a store?

There are plenty of 'Asian' shops  in Cyprus (usually small 'corner stores'). Some generically so, others concentrating on goods from just one country (eg India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc etc.)

There are shops offering Filipino delicacies, Japanese specialities (and preparation equipment); Asian 'cuts' of meat; dried fish......papad....rice noodles......

Some specialise in teas, infusions, spices and pulses; others in tinned and packeted goods. Some bring fresh curry leaves.

Other regular small stores stock a vast array of Asian products alongside Cypriot and Eastern European ones. They tend to buy in according to what their customers want and need.

I don't think there's just one answer


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Thank you Journo - I am looking to buy green tea powder (matcha) and was told that Asian markets may be my best bet - I've already tried all the organic stores with no luck.

Take care.

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Can you please tell about pak, indian srilankan stores in limassol? 

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Can we find any Bulk sale shops around Larnaca?

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