Best Cyprus cuisine restaurant in Limassol?

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Need to entertain some high profile visitors and have always relied on Neon Phaliron but want something more traditional as their menu has shifted international. Any recs?

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Relocating 1211899975

There is a fab one opposite the Hawaii Grand-now Grand resort. Next door to OPTIONS estate agent. Very upmarket and reasonable prices.

Relocating 1211900215

Call YIANIS the owner, on 99633741. It is an Italian restaurant

zhanetek 1211902340

Allodium restaurant is very nice also Syrian restauran in tourist area.

lifesaver26 1211904237

Embers restaurant opposite the Hawaii Grand. It's just before Chesters. I always go to this one, as the food and service are outstanding, and everything is always freshly made. *5 stars*

mark1965-665289 1211904881

I would recommend Terra Mare, near Hawaii Grand, as was.

It is a 4/5 course meal for set price and is in my opinion the best in Limassol.


kam-692823 1261313060

Hi, try Anotera, its v.good

Aase 1261337615

Good recommendations but the poster is asking for Cyprus Cuisine! Terra & Mare is Italian, so is the one next to Options, I believe. Never been to Embers so not sure about that. The best Cyprus cuisine I have had has been in a small taverna in St Andrew's street, food and service is excellent but it's not very upmarket so probably doesn't fit the bill either...

stellaluna-664983 1261340748

I agree about Anotera - in a restored traditional Cypriot house - friendly Cypriot service and all the Cypriot dishes - it's also upmarket in style

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