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Hi, Can anyone tell me which restaurant/taverna does the best meat and mixed mezes in the Pafos area. Many thanksKev

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achilleas 1219345885

The 7 St. George's tavern in Paphos is excellent, so is the Peyia Tavern - you need to book for both.

mark1965-665289 1219402960

Same question but for the Limassol area please? I have friends coming over to stay and I want to take them somewhere nice but not too touristy please. Thanks


evi_a 1219405538

hey there.

In Paphos I went to place with the best meze, not tourist at all, local people and the food was great at a very logical price.. I can't remember the name but is located in Konia village next to the village school.

In limassol now there is place that you can taste the original traditional food, cooked by cypriot lady, and it is situated in asgata village ( Limassol - Nicosia highway:take Moni turn from highway, then turn to the right and 50meters turn to left) . the name of the lady is Lenia, LENIA TAVERN, located at the centrer of the village. do not missed to order the "mahalepi" for desert. the place is open for lunch and dinner and appr. is 11 euro per person for meze and extra cost the drinks.

Mand-672455 1219407324

The best meze in Paphos is at the Melania, go along Tomb of the Kings road on the right, you keep going past the buy sell office, on the left, towards Coral Bay. Melania is before Sundance Spa and hottubs. There is parking. He has the most wonderful grape vine that spans to top of the outside dining area, lovely and cool. He uses his home grown veg and it is organically grown. We always go there when over. Hope this helps. Regards Mand


erico-660956 1219412112

For Limassol, try the park in Akrounta. Plenty of space for the kids to run around in a safe park, whilst you sit in the open air restaurant enjoying some really fantastic food. Recently changed management and owners and is now fantastic. Good selection of wines as well. Akrounta is from the Germasogeia round about straight past the dam. 7 minutes from the highway. Do not confuse it with Finikaria which is also in the same general direction, and has decent enough food at their own park restaurant....but Finikaria is over the dam, not past the dam....

mark1965-665289 1219421763

Thanks for those recommendations.


Chris in Paphos 1219746817


One of the best is a little drive out of town, "Tavern To Konatzi Tis Kallepias" it is in a village called Kallepia, head out on Polis road (past Carrfore) towards Tsada, on top of the hill turn right, follow the signs for Kallepia, take the SECOND turning, the first will take you through the middle of the village (i got lost)....

It is opposite a really pretty church.

It is a family run place, the family are really nice, the food is OUTSTANDING.

Hope this is as good for you as it is for me and my family..


janejoeollie 1219749830

hello just to endorse the recommendation for 7 st georges in yeroskipou which is excellent. Also often overlooked - APOMERO which is in Kato Paphos near the post office on the bad bend and FETTA CORNER in KTIMA near the town hall and park on the roundabout.



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