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Does anyone know someone in Larnaca area that makes a typical English Birthday cake with jam and nice buttery cream? Need one for July.


Geo72 1402321851

I reccomend  'Chocoland' as they can make anything you suggest at reasonable prices. Not sure what you mean by a typical english birthday cake, but also all the bakeries (zorbas, Pirillos etc..) have brochures to look through.

Mitzy-680257 1402335623

Thank you for your replies. Susan I think there would certainly be an opening for someone like you in the larnaca area, Paphos seem to have a few expat ladies that make cakes etc.

Geo72 personally I don't like the sort of Birthday cakes they do in the bakeries here. By a typical English birthday cake I mean a Madeira sponge with jam and buttercream and Royal icing, yummy!! I could make the cake myseIf but wouldn't have the experience with icing and decorating.

journo-666338 1402408536

We never use them, so don't have any contact details but I believe there are already numerous professionally-qualified cake-making ladies offering their services in the Larnaka area.

I do think the highly unusual combination of a Madeira cake, butter icing and Royal icing is unlikely to be on anyone's 'list' of cakes. However, since 'the client is always right' I guess they may be prepared to do it for you.

Mitzy-680257 1402483347

Hi Journo, thank you for taking the time to reply to my posting.  I think you will find that  Madeira type cake is used a lot in cake making because it can hold the weight of the icing whereas a Victoria sponge would be too light. A typical white iced Birthday cake from M & S in the UK uses this type of cake with the buttercream and Royal icing so if its good enough for them its good enough for me, unfortunately they dont sell them in M & S here or it would save a lot of bother.

mesh_mel 1402938569

I recommend Daphne. She does everything custom-made and in wonderful designs too. Have a look at her page

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