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Has any tried the new bos steakhouse in limassol?


Negombo 1393712827

where is it located ?

alpineA610 1393745613

The new bos steakhouse is on the sea front across the road from the old TAURUS STEAKHOUSE. From what i can make out its the same chef.

Negombo 1393755863

Thanks, I'll give it a try.

   Scottis was my favourite for the last 30 odd years but I see with regret that it is now closed.

jimmythebargainhunter 1393838461

hi, Scottis steak house closed when unfortunately Scotti died years ago....Taurus steak house run by Dino who is a relative of dear old departed Scotti has been great all these years also, it is Dino who still is across the road and is now in partnership ( i believe) with the managment of the Indian restaurant that has now become The Boss Taurus steak house...same phone number as was the Indian restaurant, i'm going to pop in this week as a treat with my wife ...yummy....

TonyA-907781 1394184651

Bos Taurus Steak house is open across the road to the old Taurus  Steakouse....Dino from the original Taurus is there  and the food is amazing....

TonyA-907781 1404812373

Revisted Bos Taurus Steakhouse over the weekend....i must recommend it, we went  with friends and we all really enjoyed their fabulous steaks....the Ribs my wife had were equally amazing.

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