Cakes an pies

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Thinking off living in cyprus an starting an tea shop for cakes an home made pies


tonypp 1489224341

I think you will be hard pressed to make money with this idea. There are coffee shops and cafes everywhere, some doing very nice food made by them. A tea and cake shop would likely only appeal to people in the tourist area and perhaps with some expats. Cyprus gets visitors all year round but the winter months are still very quiet. I live in a popular  tourist village with cafes , coffee shops and restaurants. None of them make money over the winter period .     

James-Mcfarlane-895163 1489252574

Thanks i know its a seasonal  think I like a rest in the winter  I just want sumthing to pass my time an keep my mind active .  An build up a local trade an good friends  it will a extension off my living room , we all must dream  go crazzy if not bussy doing sumthing every day , 

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